Nickname Aochomist Extwaordinaire
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Goblin
Codex Goblin (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 3'
Face majority of her face looks cute, it's a little hard to be sure while she's wearing those thick goggles
Hands nails have been painted orange
Skin yellow-green skin
Hair orange hair in a long ponytail that reaches to her knees
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts B-cup with average nipples that have been colored orange
Clothing Nude or apron, and some kind of headband
Glasses welding goggles
Locations and More
Occupation Alchemist for the
Church of the Fetish
Location(s) Wasteland
Interaction Buy items
Item enhancements

Content Author: TheDarkMaster

"Stho, what can Lumi the Aochomist Extwaordinaire do fo you today?"

Lumi is a Goblin Alchemist who, as she admits, works for the Church of the Fetish — the same cult that Fetish Cultists and Fetish Zealots belong, and whose hidden laboratory can be found by using the Explore (a.k.a. Wasteland or the Wastes) option. It will not be added to the [Places] list, but must be found each time when exploring the Wastelands, just like Giacomo's store. She has an awkward lisp that makes reading her dialogue a bit difficult; this is due to an over-sized stud pierced through her tongue. Always eager to exhibit her skills, she offers her knack with potions to any traveler who finds her; they must have gems to pay for her services, though; the Church prohibits her from taking payment in sex from non-members.

Ingame Description:
She's about 3 feet tall, with yellow-green skin, and wears her orange hair in a long ponytail that reaches to her knees. Her breasts are about B-cup, with average nipples that have been colored orange. All of her nails have been painted orange to match. She doesn't seem to ever stop moving, and while the majority of her face looks cute, it's a little hard to be sure while she's wearing those thick goggles. The solid black lenses of her goggles make her look quite unsettling, stifling any appeal her form could inspire in you.


Ingame Description:
You open the door and carefully check inside for any enemies that may be trying to ambush you. The room seems to be some kind of alchemical lab, with shelves full of apparatuses all along the walls, a desk on one side of the room, and a long table across the room from you that is full of alchemical experiments in progress, many give off lots of smoke, and others are bottles of bubbling fluids. A goblin wearing an apron and some kind of headband is sitting on a tall, wheeled stool; she is otherwise nude and seems to be watching at least 3 experiments right now. She suddenly turns around and looks straight in your direction. It's hard to tell thanks to the dark goggles that hide her eyes from view, but you're fairly certain she's watching you. After a few seconds she yells “Cuths-tohmer!” in a thick lisp. She looks harmless enough, so you step inside while she fiddles with her experiments, reducing the bubbling smoke. She jumps down from her stool, tears off her apron, bounds over to the desk, and scrambles on top of it.

The first time the Champion encounters Lumi, they find a free-standing door in the wilderness. Opening the door leads them to Lumi's lab. If the Hero chooses not to open the door, the scene will repeat until they open it. After they have opened the door once, the option of leaving right away disappears so the Champion have to enter Lumi's lab before leaving even if they do not wish to purchase anything from her.

When you enter the lab you get a text saying:
Once more, you step into Lumi's lab. She's still working on her experiments. Before you even have a chance to call out to her, she has already pivoted to watch you. In a flash her apron hits the floor and she is standing on her desk, asking, "Stho, what can Lumi the Aochomist Extwaordinaire do fo you today?"

(The text is slightly different the first time.)

Merchandise Lumi sellsEdit

Lumi says she made the Lust Draft and the Ovi Elixirs herself and seems to imply that she invented those to potions.


In addition to selling items, Lumi can also enhance several items, making them more potent. She can enhance

Each enhancement costs 100 gems. Note that except for Lust Draft, Lumi does not sell any of the items she can enhance so the player must have the original item in their inventory when they arrive.


The DM notes that the current door event is a placeholder. As the event for finding the door suggests, her lab is actually inside the Fetish Cathedral, and you'll only be able to get to her through the cathedral once it has been added.