Lusty Maiden's Armor
General Information
Type Armor
Usage Defense
Boosts Defense +6
Tease +10
Min Lust=30
Min Libido=50
Requirement D-cup+ breasts
Merchant Information
Buy Value 400
Sell Value 200
Locations Found
Bought From Greta's Garments

Content Author: Fenoxo

The Lusty Maiden's Armor is a suit of seductive armor meant for a lustful, virgin maiden. It can only be worn by a Champion who has breasts at least D-cup and a vagina with no penis or testes. Though not the most durable armor, it's one of a kind, making it at least notable. It's bought from Greta's Garments for 500 Gems.

Item Name
You slide the bikini top over your more than ample chest, shivering at the touch of the cold metal on your sensitive nipples. It stretches taut around each of your globes, and by the time you're snapping the narrow leather strap behind your back, the exotic metal bra has grown warm enough to make your chest tingle pleasantly. Your hands find their way to your jiggling, gilded mounds and grab hold, fingers sinking into the shimmering flesh without meaning to. Your nipples scrape along a diaphanous inner lining so pleasantly that a moan slips out of your mouth as you admire how your cleavage bulges out above the glittery cups. A narrow band of steel with a shiny black leather thong underneath connects the two halfs of the top, padded for comfort but pulled away from you by the sheer size of your straining bosoms.

As you examine the material, you realize that leather band isn't just padding. It's as slippery as butter on grease and has a subtle indentation, one that would let it perfectly cushion something round, thick... and throbbing. Your cheeks color when you catch yourself thinking of titfucking some beast while dressed in this outfit, taking a thick load of monster or dick-girl seed right over your cleavage, face, and hair. You could even line it up with your mouth and drink down a few swallows if you wanted to. You shake your head and smile ruefully - maybe once you finish getting dressed! There's still a bottom to put on, after all. Regardless, one of your hands keeps coming to rest on your boob, idly groping and fondling your heavy tit whenever you have a free moment. This sure is some fun armor!

Now, the bottom is a leather thong and skirt combination. The thong itself is leather dyed radiant white, with intricate gold filigree covering the front triangle. On the back triangle, there's a similar pattern, though you could swear that from a distance the pattern looks a bit like arrows pointing towards where your asshole will be with golden sperm surrounding them. No, that has to be your imagination. All this time in this strange land must really be getting to you! Both pieces are molded to accentuate the female form, with a crease in the gusset that will rest over your vagina, ensuring your vagina]is prominently displaying your camel-toe for all to see. You don't give it a second thought, sliding the white thong snugly into place. Snug warmth slides right up against your mound, the perfectly formed crease slipping right into your labia, where it belongs, a tight seal over your chastity, displaying your womanly status while guarding your maidenhead at the same time. A smug, smile tugs at the corners of your mouth - who would take your virginity when they can tit-fuck your tits or fuck your butt? The moisture you normally drip seems to soak right into the gusset instead of running down your legs like normal, giving you a much more chaste appearance in spite of the lewd garments that even now seem to shape your femininity and butt into perfectly arousing shapes.

Last is the chain skirt - perhaps the easiest part to put on. It's barely three inches long, such that it exposes your butt almost entirely, and when you bend over, fully. The bottom of your vaginal crease can be spied as well, and should you desire to show yourself off, a simple stretch or tug would put you completely on display. You wiggle about, watching the reflective material ripple almost hypnotically, one hand still on your boobs, mauling at your own tits with passion. THIS is how a chaste champion should dress - perfectly modest but full of erotic energy to overwhelm her enemies with!

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This skimpy chain bikini barely qualifies as armor. Indeed, the chain is made from links much finer and lighter than normal, so fine that it feels almost silken under your fingertips. A simple seal in the g-string-like undergarment states, "Virgins only."

Stats Edit

  • Base Defense: 6*
  • Value: 400
  • Classification: Light armor
  • Increases minimum lust to 30
  • Increases minimum libido to 50
  • Grants Slutty Seduction perk
    • Magnitude: 6*
  • Cannot be worn with undergarments
  • Cannot be worn by champions with testes, a penis, breasts below D-cup, or no sex
  • Enables special boob job scenes with Ceraph, the Incubus Mechanic, Fetish Zealot, Satyr, Spider-boy, Imp, Sand Trap, Drider, Anemone, Akbal, and Minotaur.
  • Tease effectiveness and defense can be raised by using special boob job scene, up to 8

Trivia Edit

  • The Lusty Maiden's Armor will protect a champion's virginity.
  • The armor must be bought in order to be able to purchase Cock-socks. Coincidentally, if the champion has any use of the armor, that won't matter.
  • According to Greta, the armor comes from another country, where warriors dressed up in it and fought to become queen. Greta got it by making one of these warriors give up their chastity vows.
  • The armor supposedly can't be handled by those who are corrupt, but corrupt champions receive no drawbacks from wearing it.

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