Content Author: Unknown

Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Goblin
Family Lynette's daughters
Locations and More
Location(s) Salon
The female goblin owner of the Salon found in the Mountains. Lynette is the mother of a sizable brood of offspring and is one of the most reasonable goblins that the Champion will encounter.

After several days from her first encounter, she will give birth to her latest brood and offer to let the Champion try and impregnate her in exchange for the usual payment of orally delivered semen.

If sexually pleasured when she offers, she becomes pregnant for approximately a week, then gives birth; she announces the litter size and her willingness to be impregnated again when the Champion comes to see her after she gives birth.

She reacts differently to the sex depending on the Champion's Cum Quantity statistic; the more they produce, the more she enjoys it, and the more offspring she will give birth to. It's necessary to have at least 1000mL in order to impress her. Any less, and her approval rating will go down.

After she has an approval rating of 100, she will give the champion free access to the Salon's services for life. They may still choose to impregnate her, be orally pleasured by her, or orally pleasure one of the gloryholes if they wish.

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