Content Author: Fenoxo

Nickname Maddie
Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Golem
Breed Pastry-golem
Father Minotaur Chef
Body Parts
Height Giant (taller than a minotaur)
Build voluptuous
Eyes green gumdrops for eyes
Skin chocolate or chocolate-colored pastry
Hair white hair like whipped cream tied back in the style of a cinnamon bun
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts lactates vanilla icing
Clothing "clothes" made from blue icing (save for a "bra" made from whipped cream topped with cherries)
Locations and More
Occupation Waitress
Location(s) Bakery
Madeleine (AKA Maddie) is a sort of sexual golem-morph made from pastry. This giant, voluptuous being is taller and broader than a minotaur, with flesh that is either made from chocolate or chocolate-colored pastry, "clothes" made from blue icing (save for a "bra" made from whipped cream topped with cherries), green gumdrops for eyes and white hair like whipped cream tied back in the style of a cinnamon bun. She grows taller and curvier as she takes in sexual fluids from others and lactates vanilla icing; the more sexual fluids she takes in, the more she produces.

Creating MaddieEdit

A short mini-quest allows the Champion to be involved in creating Maddie by going to the Bakery in Tel'Adre; each time they enter the Bakery menu, there is a chance of triggering a scene where the Minotaur Chef will ask if the Hero is willing to help with his experiment. If they agree, then the minotaur charges the Champion with retrieving a vial of bee honey — warning them to only get the regular stuff, as Pure Honey is too strong for his purposes — and a vial of lust draft.

When the Champion has both items, triggering the chef's appearance is a random event, but more likely than triggering it in the first place. When he appears, the Hero is given the option to give the chef the honey and aphrodisiacs he asked for, or to lie and claim not to have it. If they lie, then the chef will remind them what he needs and ask them to bring them to him. If they give him the ingredients, he starts mixing them with other ingredients, including his own cum, and exhorts the Champion to go and wait at the tables; he will bring them some of his creation when it's finished. They are presented with the option to either wait patiently or slip out.

  • If the Champion sneaks away, then Maddie is canceled as an encounter; nothing happens, and she cannot be encountered in the game.
  • If the Champion waits, then the chef's "experiment" goes in directions he doesn't expect and gives life to a bimboish, horny, voluptuous pastry-golem. The newly baked Maddie promptly rapes her creator, eventually drawing the Hero to see her. She advances on them excitedly, prompting the Champion to either run away or stay to talk to the bimbo cupcake-girl.
    • If the Champion runs away, then the next time they come to Tel'Adre, they see a scene where a weeping Maddie is escorted to the gates by a fierce-looking Urta and several guards before being banished from the city.
    • If they stay to talk, then Maddie, in her air-headed fashion, binds them with special icing and has her way with them. male and herm Champions are milked of their "icing", much like her creator was. female and genderless Champions are forced to suckle from her breasts and drink copious amounts of her special icing, which increases Body Thickness by +10 and decreases Muscle Tone by -10. Whatever the Hero's gender, Maddie calms down thanks to their assistance; her creator takes her as an assistant and promises to keep her out of trouble. He also adds a new mundane treat, the Giant Cupcake, to the Bakery's list of produce.

After Maddie has been created and Shouldra recruited as a follower, a new scene can occur at the bakery. Here, Maddie is shown to be much more intelligent (and significantly less slutty) than her introduction scene implies. She takes orders at the register, and will blush and apologize to the Champion when she notices them.


  • Maddie is currently a one-time event character; even if the Champion helps calm her down, that is currently her only sexual scene in the game. The possibility exists that more will be added.
  • Maddie was created as a result of a bet between Fenoxo and an artist named Jacques00; Fenoxo agreed to write a pastry golem into the game if Jacques drew one first. He did, and so Maddie was added to the game.
  • Maddie's "inspirational artwork" features her as having an optional "futa eclair" that apparently comes out when she is "super excited". As yet, it is unknown if this aspect will get into the game; given Fenoxo's self-stated fetish for herms and futas, it is likely.