Marae's Seed
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Purifying Minerva
Locations Found
Drop From Marae

Content Author: Unknown

Marae's Seed is a glowing seed gotten from Marae to plant at Oasis Tower. It spontaneously grows an oak tree that helps restore Marae's power and allows her to purify Minerva.

Marae's Seed, when first created
Focusing, she holds her hands only slightly apart from each other as a strange green light begins forming between them. It swells in intensity until you are forced to look away, shielding your eyes. When it fades and you can look back without blinding yourself, you see a gently glowing seed resting between her hands.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You’re not quite sure what happened, either, but you don’t get a chance to say so, as the shoot suddenly seems to explode! What happens next is impossible to really describe as years, if not decades or even centuries of growth take place in seconds, the little shoot swelling and growing, stretching out roots and reaching out with branches towards the sky. By the time it stops, you and the siren are staring gobsmacked at a magnificent oak tree, which dominates the spring and benevolently enshrouds it with branches and roots.

Effects Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Marae's Seed cannot be obtained if Marae is corrupt or if the champion hasn't obtained the Pure Pearl prior to talking to Minerva about purification.
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