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Miko & Mai
Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Fox-morph
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts D-cup
Moresome Helia
Each other
Locations and More
Location(s) The Wet Bitch
Interaction Sex
Miko & Mai are a pair of attractive hermaphrodite fox-morphs who live in Tel'Adre. Minor characters, they only appear in a specific set of scenes, a foursome between each other, the Champion, and Helia. Identical twins, the two both have D-cup breasts and .

The two have two foursome scenes, one for males and one for females, with herms choosing which part to play. In the male scene, Mai penetrates her sister vaginally even as the Champion mounts her from behind, while Helia mounts Miko's phallus in a reverse-cowgirl position and grinds her breasts against Mai's. In the female scene, the Hero fellates Mai before allowing her to penetrate their vagina, even as Helia does the same to Miko, with the two foxes starting out on top before the Champion and Helia flip them over and put themselves on top. If the Hero is a female (or herm and chooses to focus on their female organs) with fuckable nipples, an alternate scene occurs where Mai and Miko each penetrate one of her breasts while Helia tail-fucks the Hero vaginally.

The Miko, Mai and Helia foursome is available in two different circumstances:

Urta's Fertility Quest

At the beginning of the quest, where you play Urta rather than the Champion, she can choose to have a drink before setting out on the quest. If she does, she will meet Miko, Mai and Helia and can choose to have a foursome.

Visiting The Wet Bitch

If the Champion visits the bar in Tel'Adre whilst having Helia in camp as a lover, you can find Helia drinking at the bar. If they talk to her, she will introduce them to the twins and they have the option of having the foursome.


  • The exact circumstances required for finding Helia at Tel'Adre need to be researched. At the tests done so far, the bar was visited at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 19:00 respectively but Helia isn't always there at those two times. [needs confirmation]

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