The Minotaur is an anthropomorphic bull and one of the many sapient species of Mareth. The minotaur is described in Minotaur (Codex).

Minotaur NPCsEdit

  • Unnamed minotaurs - Roaming the Mountain.
  • Minotaur sons - A potentially ever-growing band of Minotaurs who can be encountered in the High Mountain.
  • Fido - A demon-enslaved minotaur lord that is encountered by Urta on her Fertility Quest.
  • Minotaur Chef - At the Tel'Adre Bakery.
  • Minotaurs on the Plains - Sometimes when encountering Helia, she is busy raping some poor defenseless minotaur she's managed to catch.
  • One of the four males you can BJ at the Salon to pay for their services is a minotaur.
  • The minotaur is one of the races the machine in the Shower at the Tel'Adre Gym can impregnate a female or hermaphroditic Champion with. Once born, the calf leaves his mother and is never encountered again, except for the minotaur sons listed above.

Becoming a MinotaurEdit

It is not possible to transform completely into a minotaur but you can become a minotaur-morph.

Amily to Champion
The two of you swap tales about your respective adventures, and from there the topic drifts to the strange bull-men that you have seen haunting the mountains.

"You were lucky to get away with your skin intact." Amily tells you emphatically. "Minotaurs are dangerous brutes — they're one of the biggest, strongest and toughest beasts around. I don't dare go near the mountains, not with those beasts roaming around. Sometimes they carry around huge axes, but usually they make do with just their huge, knuckley fists."

You ask her why it is that minotaurs are so dangerous; they don't seem to look like demons.

"They may as well be demons, now. Oh, they may not look corrupted, but all they care about is finding something to rut with — man, woman, both, neither, they don't care. So long as it's got a hole, they'll fuck it... I think maybe I heard somewhere that they can only reproduce by raping other creatures with a vagina now, but I don't remember where." She looks perturbed, but why you can't say for certain.

You ask her then if she has any advice on how to deal with them.

Amily laughs. "Not really; me, I run if ever I see them. I'm not a stand-up fighter to begin with, but against those brutes? And it's not just their strength, either... I think they've got some kind of addictive chemical in their cum. The stink of their presence alone can make you feel turned on. There was this one that managed to corner me; it pulled out its huge horse-cock and started masturbating." She shudders in disgust. "I narrowly missed getting sprayed, but the smell... it was intoxicating." She admits, clearly embarrassed. "My legs nearly buckled from arousal — it was so tempting to just give in and let him fuck me."

You ask her what she did.

"I fought it off and ran," she insists, looking a little insulted, "I was a virgin when we met, in case you forgot."

"The big brute was stupid enough to follow me; once I got to the trees, where he couldn't get around so easily, I put a poisoned dart in each of his eyes. When he stopped thrashing around, I walked up and slit his throat."

She looks quite proud of herself for that. Feeling a bit disturbed by her ruthlessness, you thank her for the warning and excuse yourself.

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