Author: Takenaka_Emika

Race: Minotaur

Gender: Male only.

Height: 7-10 feet.

Build: Heavily muscled with a thick coat of shaggy fur.

Skin-Tone: Brown, black, or white with brown spots.

Fur/Hair Color: Matches skintone. Very rarely straw colored.

Eye Color: Brown or black.

Notable Features: Primarily bovine facial structure with barely noticeable human attributes (mainly eye shape/placement). They tend to have large forward-pointing horns, floppy bull ears, a tufted tail, and hooves where most races have feet.

Typical Dress: Minotaurs favor loose fitting skins and loincloths. They tend to avoid anything resembling pants as it can dangerously constrict them when they become aroused. Minotaurs rarely carry any supplies with them, preferring to scavenge or plunder anything they need.

Weaponry: Fists, horns, and when they can find them, axes.

Sexual Characteristics: A two to three foot long penis with a flared tip. Typically they have two to three bands of thick skin encircling the shaft, spaced evenly along it’s length. The purpose of this is unknown. Minotaur testicles vary in size depending on how long the minotaur has gone without orgasm. They typically shrink down to the size of baseballs when empty, but can swell as large as basketballs for particularly unlucky cow-men. This is quite painful for them, and is made worse due to the difficulty they have orgasming without a tight opening to impregnate. It is not uncommon for the loser in a minotaur dual to be brutally sodomized, if only for the winner to relieve his aching pressure. All minotaurs are male, but their seed is so potent as to totally override the mother’s race, resulting in the birth of yet another pure-blood minotaur. Minotaurs bodily fluids are renowned for their magical properties, but great care must be taken to refine them for any proper use.

Mentality: Most beings think of minotaurs as stupid brutes, but in truth their intelligence rivals that of humans. This misconception is perpetuated by the fact that minotaurs place a much higher priority on their self-reliance, strength, and sexual release than other races, often leading them to ignore social graces in favor of trying to overpower those around them.

Minitaurs: The bastard runts of the minotaur race, minitaurs are rare human-sized minotaurs born with straw colored fur and none of the muscular fitness indicative of the rest of the race. Possessing curvy (but breast-less) bodies, they often wind up as cum receptacles for their larger overbearing cousins. They do not share 'release' problem, but tend to have sexual equipment of similar size to normal minotaurs. This makes them a bit disproportionate, but much easier for full-minotaurs to catch. They rarely try to escape anyways, due to the addictive and drug-like nature of large doses of minotaur spunk.

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