Slave Collar
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Type Key Item
Usage Fashion
Locations Found
Drop From Mistress Elly

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Mistress Elly's Slave Collar is a key item obtained by Mistress Elly, in reward for obedience. While it serves no major use, its presence slightly affects how Elly handles the champion

Slave Collar, when put on the champion
She produces a long, thin strip of malevolent shiny black material about an inch wide, with a violet gemstone affixed in the middle and a steel ring on one end. "This collar is an acknowledgment of what you've been working so hard to become. It will be a constant reminder to you and everyone who sees you that you are my valued property." She leans forward and wraps it around your neck so that the gem rests atop your windpipe, but instead of the sound of a buckle or snap that you expect to hear there is an odd sizzle and pop.

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You reach up to feel your new adornment. It is fit so snugly around your throat that you feel its constriction every time you swallow or inhale deeply, and it will not rotate or shift about your neck even the smallest bit. Your fingers follow its line around to the back of your neck and find the steel ring positioned in the center, where it provides a convenient location to attach a leash or chain. But as the sounds you heard hinted, there is no buckle or button or fastener of any other sort to be found. The strap seems to have fused to itself to form a permanent unbroken loop, with no apparent method of removal. The thought of it sits heavily in your gut.

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  • Given how underdeveloped the prison is, it's unknown if the collar will serve future purposes.
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