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The everpresent Mount Ilgast is towering over Ingnam as it has always. A cave on its slopes leads to the portal which will convey one to the Demon Realm. Fortunately, that pathway only opens for a short span of time once a year. Today is that time; the time the gateway will obediently take the Champion to another world; the time for this new Hero to make their journey through the pink and purple hued passageway to their coming destiny beyond.

Ingame Description:
You are prepared for what is to come. Most of the last year has been spent honing your body and mind to prepare for the challenges ahead. You are the Champion of Ingnam. The one who will journey to the demon realm and guarantee the safety of your friends and family, even though you’ll never see them again. You wipe away a tear as you enter the courtyard and see Elder Nomur waiting for you. You are ready.

Inn Temple Wendy's Farm Mount Ilgast
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Ben the smith Gabriella Wendy Thief Innkeeper Elder Nomur