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The Mouse-morph is an anthropomorphic mouse and one of the many sapient races of Mareth. Very little information about them is available at the moment but they seemed to have suffered heavily from demon attacks and evidence suggests that there are only two surviving mouse-morphs left in Mareth at the start of the game. One of them is however very determined to change that...

There is a potion that will "defur" a mouse-morph. A defurred mouse-morph has mouse ears and tail but looks completely human apart from that.

Mouse-morph NPCsEdit

  • Amily — A female mouse-morph found in the Town Ruins.
    • Amily's children — Amily can have children with the Champion and as the game progresses, their number may well reach several thousand.
  • Amily's parents — Presumed to be long dead and only mentioned in Amily's tales.
  • Jojo — A male mouse monk, who can be found by tainted or corrupted characters in the Forest.
  • Tel'Adre guard — At the start of Urta's Fertility Quest, Urta visits the Council of Tel'Adre. One of the two guards there is a mouse-morph, the other is a wolf-morph.
  • The machine in the Shower at the Tel'Adre Gym can impregnate a female or hermaphroditic Champion with children of various races. One of the possibilities is a litter of mouse-morphs. Once born, the children leave their mother and is never encountered again.
  • Jojo's childrenCorrupt Jojo can impregnate a female or hermaphroditic Champion.

Becoming a mouse-morphEdit

Eating mouse cocoa, sold in the Bakery in Tel'Adre, can cause the user to become a mouse-morph.


  • Town Ruins — The remains of a mouse-morph settlement ravaged by demons.
  • The settlements of Amily's children — There may be up to five of them but their locations must remain deeply hidden secrets.

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