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Ingame Description:
You are walking through the shifting sands of the desert when you hear a sudden hiss behind you.  Expecting to be attacked by a snake, you quickly leap forward and turn around. To your surprise, what you see is not exactly a snake; it’s a naga - a half-human half-snake hybrid.  She surges up and hisses even louder than before, showing off a pair of formidable fangs dripping with venom. Gazing at her long and slender reptilian body swaying on the sand like quicksilver, you can only stand still in admiration of this terrible wonder.

Ingame Description:
She resembles a beautiful and slender woman from the waist up, with dark hair hanging down to her neck. Her upper body is deeply tanned, while her lower body is covered with shiny scales, striped in a pattern reminiscent of the dunes around you. Instead of bifurcating into legs, her hips elongate into a snake’s body which stretches far out behind her, leaving a long and curving trail in the sand. She’s completely naked, with her round C-cup breasts showing in plain sight. In her mouth you can see a pair of sharp, poisonous fangs and a long forked tongue moving rapidly as she hisses at you.

Sex Scenes:Edit

  • Vaginal Rape requires: loss; vagina
  • FemDom Rape requires: win; vagina
  • Gooey Rape requires: win; goo for lower body
  • Genderless Rape requires: win; genderless Champion
  • Centaur Rape requires: win; centaur body
  • Bee Ovipositor requires: win; bee ovipositor
  • Drider Ovipositor requires: win; drider ovipositor
  • Consensual Sex requires: naga transformation

Loot: Snake Oil, Reptilum, Pipe


  • The naga is named Bianca in the original ODT document. It is however never mentioned anywhere in the game.
  • A special sex option is available if you defeat the naga as a slime with a high enough lust to rape her.

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