Author: Takenaka_Emika

Name: Naga

Genders: Male, Female

Length: Varies a lot. 10-12 feet is considered as average. There are no noticeable size difference between males and females.

Build: Slender

Hair: Jet black, other colors are seen as very exotic in societies

Eyes: Mostly blue and light brown

Skin (body): Tanned to various degrees, as Nagas prefer to live in desert regions.

Skin (tail): Anything goes. It is possible to track the origin of any given Naga just by looking at the color of their tail.

Appearance: Normal humans with a snake body from the waist down. They also have a rather long forked tongue (5 usable inches, though they rarely extend it this far) which they flick out every so often to get information on their surroundings.

Sexual Characteristics: Nagas, just like snakes, have no external genitalia. Those remain concealed in a genital slit until needed. Unlike actual snakes and lizards, however, the genital slit is distinct from the anus which is also on the front, as Nagas have no buttocks. Male Nagas usually have two penises ranging from 5 to 10 inches. Nagas a foreign race to Mareth. Only gods can recall of the last time one have ever seen a Naga roaming on these lands.

Social Structure: Most Nagas live in groups of 100-150. Living in such small communities means that everyone is likely to know each other, something that influenced their culture a lot. Nagas communicate using a mixture of soundwaves and ground impulsions. They can still communicate using only one of these methods, but their vocabulary will be limited as a result. They pick up the impulsions through the underside of their tail, which is full of sensitive nerve endings. This also makes it a major erogenous zone, explaining why Nagas enjoy coiling together while mating. Their particular sense of hearing means they can't "hear" the difference between a human talking and a Naga saying the same thing: they understand both but to answer back, they have to know that difference and they need to learn to speak this way too.

Culture: The stereotype portrays Nagas as very narcissistic and eccentric, often wearing ornaments made of precious metals and fine fabrics. In reality, Nagas are very modest and are taught that the only valuable things in life are those that can benefit to everyone. Not counting emotional attachment, they usually don’t value what they own. They believe that all Nagas are related in some way and highly respect each other. Nagas rarely come in contact with other sapient species both due to the fact that they live in very inhospitable regions and because of the complex language barrier that refrains them from properly communicating with anyone else.

Special Abilities: Bites their prey with their poison fangs or constrict them using their long powerful snake tails.

(Fenoxo’s Note: Player Nagas still have butt-cheeks and their rectum (damn near killed him!) on the back because Fen likes his girls to have junk in the trunk. And also he doesn’t want to rewrite all the anal scenes.)

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