Nickname Spn
Variant Niamh
Bimbo Niamh
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Human, TFd into Cat-morph
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Very large breasts
that lactate beer
Locations and More
Occupation Sells Black Cat Beer
Location(s) The Wet Bitch
(08:00 to 16:00)

Content Author: Quiet Browser & Shamblesworth

"The name's Niamh — like the cat noise, eh? Nya-m? — that’s who I am."
Niamh is a cat-morph NPC who can be encountered at The Wet Bitch from 08:00 to 16:00. She sells Black Cat Beer for 3 gems, which comes from her beer-lactating breasts. For an additional 2 gems, the champion may purchase the beer to-go.

If the champion repeatedly purchases her beer throughout the day, they will notice her breast size gradually go down. However, as Niamh will mention at the end of her work day, they will refill with beer and grow back to their full size by the next morning.

Ingame Description:
You approach the burdened woman, hailing her politely. Her ears twitch at the sound, and she sends a crooked smile your way. "What can I do ya for?" she asks somewhat tiredly, the lilt of her words hinting at an accent. "Up for a bit o' the brew, perhaps?" Your question regarding why she's peddling alcohol dies in your throat as your gaze inevitably drops to her dusky-toned bosom. As you watch, a small droplet of cloudy golden liquid forms at her engorged teat and splashes into the growing puddle under the nipple. From the array of top-bearing beer mugs placed within reaching distance on the ground, you begin to put the pieces together. Is she actually... lactating beer? You glance back up at her; she smirks knowingly, casually resting her forearms against her expansive breast-flesh and using them to push together and amplify the already-incredible cleavage. She takes a deep breath, then chants in a singsong voice, "Black cat beer, two bits a glass. Get it quick, for it’s goin' fast. Just treat me gentle, or you're in for a slap, and no, you can't have it 'straight from the tap'." After a couple moments, you shrug, figuring stranger things have happened in Mareth.

History Edit

Niamh used to be a normal human until she accidentally entered a portal to Mareth. While wandering around, she came upon the lake and ate some Whisker Fruit she found. They ended up turning her into a cat-morph. She began avoiding the lake as a result, and somehow found her way to the desert. There, she got lost and started to suffer from thirst, but was lucky enough to encounter a singing Sand Witch who was drinking beer that came from her breasts. Niamh ran up to the Sand Witch and begged for a drink. The Sand Witch obliged. Niamh ended up staying and drinking beer for a while, and ended up drunk.

What happened after that is unclear, but Niamh suggests that she asked the Sand Witch to cast a spell on her, as she woke up the next morning with a headache and large breasts that produce beer. She eventually managed to get up and wander around until she came across Tel'Adre. Urta helped her settle in, and got her a place at The Wet Bitch where she could sell Black Cat Beer and empty some of the beer in her breasts. Black Cat Beer ended up being a hit with the bar's patrons and provided Niamh with a steady income to take care of herself.

Getting Beer Breasts Edit

It is possible for the champion to get breasts that lactate beer if they drink Black Cat Beer while they are lactating, so long as their breasts are DD-cup or bigger. There is a 50% chance it'll happen, but when they do get beer-lactating breasts, a scene will appear where the champion's breasts swell and feel "fuller". Their nipples also increase in length. Niamh will pull them aside and collect some of their lactation in a shot glass, drink it, and announce that the champion is now temporarily lactating beer.

The champion then has the option to either leave or sell Black Cat Beer with Niamh. If they chose to sell Black Cat Beer, they get 6 Gems, but have their lust raise. It also possibly leads to a sex scene, provided the champion has a high enough lust and opts to. If they choose to leave, they will return to their camp, and their breasts have stopped lactating beer by the time they arrive. Their breasts also shrink down, but only to one cup bigger than they had prior to having beer breasts. The breast size increase happens regardless if the champion sells their beer or decides to leave.

The scene can be repeated as many times as wanted, so long as the champion is lactating.

Corrupted Niamh Edit

It is possible to corrupt Niamh, either by turning her into a demon or a Bimbo. In order to do so, the champion must become her favorite customer, which will show a special scene where Niamh asks them to get her a drink. If they have Bimbo Liqueur or Succubi Milk in their inventory, they can give that to her as her drink, thus corrupting her. Doing so will also raise the champion's corruption. If they give her the liqueur, it raises by 18. If they give her the milk, it raises by 27. The champion becomes her favorite customer by purchasing at least one beer and having either a Bimbo Liqueur or Succubi Milk in their inventory. There is a 20% chance the scene will appear.

It is not possible to reverse the corruption, and corrupting her will get her kicked out of Tel'Adre. She can then be encountered in the plains 24 hours after she has been kicked out, where the champion will have the chance to drink from her breasts.

If she is a Bimbo, the champion will become a temporary Bimbo. Breasts less than DD will increase to DD, speed will lower by 10, libido will increase by 10, and their minimum lust becomes 40. They may also get a vagina if they don't currently have one. The effects wear off after 7 hours.

If she is a demon, speed and intelligence will lower by 5, libido will increase by 10, and lust will raise by 11. Like with Bimbo Niamh, the effects will wear off after 7 hours. However, given that she is not a Bimbo, her lactation stays as Black Cat Beer.

If the champion drinks from her breasts, she will move to the Bizarre Bazaar and can be encountered at any time of the day. There, they may get a drink from her or have sex with her.

Bimbo Champagne Edit

If Niamh is turned into a Bimbo, she will produce Bimbo Champagne. If five of these are collected, they can be brought to Sean's shop outside the Deep Cave and given to him alongside 500 gems to be turned into Bimbo Liqueur. It takes 24 hours from the time the Bimbo Champagnes are given to him to turn them into the liqueur. However, his shop can be used normally even when he's making the Bimbo Liqueur.

Demon Niamh Edit

Demon Niamh scenes are currently not implemented. After she goes to the Bizarre Bazaar, she can be approached, but attempting to get a drink or have sex with her will do nothing.

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