A bottle of numbing oil
General Information
Type Consumable
Usage  ???
Reduces Sensitivity
Merchant Information
Buy Value 100
Sell Value 50
Locations Found
Bought From Rathazul
Dropped From Mimic

Content Author: ???

A bottle of numbing oil (or Numb Oil/Numbing Oil) is a consumable item occasionally dropped from a Mimics or randomly from it's event. Can also be purchased from Rathazul for 100 gems.

Numb oil, when consumed
You open the bottle and begin pouring the oil all over your body.

at <20 sensitivity: Your skin tingles slightly, and afterwords, you feel less sensitive than before.

at <40 sensitivity: Your skin burns a bit, but eventually the burning fades away, leaving your skin less sensitive than before.

at <60 sensitivity: Your skin burns and itches unbearably for several minutes, but eventually returns to normal. You feel less sensitive than before.

Else: As you finish rubbing the oil into your skin, you fall gasping to your knees. It feels like someone lit you on fire, and that the fire is made of biting ants. You write in agony for a few minutes until the sensations fade. You feel slightly less sensitive than before.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This bottle feels a bit warm to the touch. From the look of the label on the bottle of oil, you suspect this will make you less sensitive.

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Reduces sensitivity by 10% plus an additional 5. (BUG: Currently reduces sensitivity down to it's minimum value.)
  • Value: 100

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the lack of any adverse affects as well as how easy it is to acquire, Numb Oil is an extremely efficient way to reduce sensitivity.
  • As you can kill mimics without taking a single hit using a ranged attack, selling Numb Oil is one of the best ways to farm gems in the early game.
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