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The oasis demon is an event in which the Champion encounters a group of demons at an oasis while exploring the desert. The Champion is immediately given the options of Talk, Fight, or Run.

If they choose to talk to the demons, the Champion is then given the options to stay and participate in their "feast" or try to leave.

If the Champion cooperates with the demons, they are rewarded with:

  • Increased Toughness
  • Decreased Intelligence
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Increased Corruption
  • Lust reduced to minimum

If the Champion tries (and fails) to leave after talking to the demons or chooses to fight them from the beginning, a fight is initiated. Failure results in the same scene as cooperation, although this does not count towards the Bad End counter if the Champion chooses to fight them first.

Success ends in you raping (which again, does not count towards the bad end counter) the demons or just leaving.

If the Champion submits to the orgy 7 times or more (rather than teasing/seducing them then afterwards raping them or losing to them as a result of zero health or max lust), the Voluntary Demon Pack status will hit the threshold of 6 required for the Sex Slave of the Leader Bad End. If they have a vagina, the demons will shackle the player and take her as their slave, resulting in a game over. If they don't, the Bad End will not happen but will still happen should they ever grow one in the future.

The Oasis Demons also take part in the first encounter with Phylla. In that scene you find Phylla being attacked by the demons. You can choose to play hero or stay hidden. If you choose to stay hidden, nothing happens, you just leave the scene and go back to camp. Choosing to play hero leads to the regular oasis demons fight scene followed by your first meeting with Phylla.

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