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Race: Orcs

Genders: Children are born as boys or girls. It is rare to see an orc that is both or neither of these, they are very similar to humans in this respect. They do not typically practice gender alteration.

Body Structure: On average they are taller and wider than humans. It’s been recorded that some orc men have reached 10 feet tall, though most stop developing at around 7 feet and women are on average a few inches shorter.

Facial Structures: Compared to humans, orc noses are typically smaller and more pressed in. Their ears are pointed without being any longer than a human’s. The only other notable difference is they grow a pair of tusks from their lower gums that grows outward to protrude from the lips and curl upwards, though the direction can change according to breeding.

Hair & Eye Coloration: Darker hair colors such as black and brown are the norm for both men and women, although colors such as blond and even bright red have been recorded. It is unclear if blond and red hair are a mutation, however. Eye colors have a very wide range, from silver to dark purples. Among the Orcs, eye colors are considered beautiful. The colors widely vary between individuals, thus making eyes a notable feature in orcish art, writing, and courtship.

History: Being one of the more peaceful races in history, they are also one of the most secluded. While Orcs are happy to trade and coexist with other races, orcish settlements tend to keep to themselves. Their focus on diplomacy, as the orcish cities of old were founded on making peace with its neighbors. There is no recorded incident of a settlement attacking another race simply to expand. Though they avoid conflict, they are far from defenseless. The trained elite of orcish warriors are feared for their battle prowess. However, when the demons invaded their cities the orcs fled, scattering their numbers and fragmenting their once formidable power. Though their strength is only a memory now, what collection of small settlements they have are growing in strength and power once again. Currently numerous settlements have been developing separately, using their own dialects and culture alterations. Despite their diversity they all share similar cultural themes provided by their ancestry.

Sexuality: The average Orc is bisexual except for a select few who don’t have a taste for the other sex. To orcs gender matters very little, they look to one’s preference or willingness to dominate or submit. Both men and women value honor and dignity but nothing is more arousing than power, most commonly displayed by body strength. Physical combat is extremely stimulating and exciting on a sexual level, and arousal is most potent when the combatants are evenly matched. The common theory is that orcs release the most pheromones when engaged in combat. For this reason there are few warriors. Those that wish to take on the lifestyle of a warrior must first work past this racial quirk to meet their maximum potential.

Courtship: Men and women are on equal ground socially. It is equally common to see a female dominate a male as it is to see vise versa. When the dominatrix is in question usually the pair (or party) will decide through a wrestling match or various other forms of physical combat. The most common relationship practiced is two men with one female. The female serves as a means of reproduction while the two men compete with each other over her affections. The only notable difference between orcish men and women is when weakness is taken into account. It is looked down upon within orcish culture to breed with a weak female, or letting a weak male breed with a female. Even in their peaceful culture, breeding with partners that increase the chances of weak offspring is looked down upon. There seem to be no moral trappings for a dominate male to take a weaker, submissive male or two for himself. since the possibility of breeding is impossible. Without a potentially weak offspring there is no fear of cultural backlash.

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