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Your exploration of the lakeside takes you further than you’ve gone before. The water here is almost completely still, its waters only slightly clouded, giving you an obscured view of the lakebed. Fish dart to and fro within the waters, caring little for your explorations above the waves.

You watch the fish for a few minutes until you notice that you’re not alone on the shoreline. Further down the sandy beaches sits a solitary, feminine figure, her legs parted and arched. A fishing rod is held lazily in her hands. You trace the fishing line with your eyes, seeing a little piece of flotsam bobbing up and down a fair distance into the water.

You decide to approach this figure, who notices your advance. You spot her subtly shift her position, as though she’s readying her body to bolt if you turn out to be hostile. But still, she lets you approach. The closer you get, the more of her features you can make out. Her skin appears to be covered with damp, brown fur. A long, thick tail sticks out from behind her, at least as wide-around as her leg, narrowing down into a rounded tip. A short mop of sun bleached blonde hair, barely reaching down to her chin, frames a human-like face with a cute, upturned button nose. Her body, which is lithe and toned like that of a champion swimmer, is covered only by a two-piece bikini. Her chest is surprisingly small, perhaps only A-cups, though she looks physically mature. Identifying this person as an otter-girl, you’d guess larger breasts would make it harder to swim.

Becoming an Otter-MorphEdit

It is not possible to transform into an otter-morph as of yet.

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