Pages, depending on what they're about, will need to present different information. However, just because there is a wide range of things, doesn't mean we can't have all of the same format for articles that fall within certain groups. Having the same layouts will provide consistency and readability while moving through articles. When making a new page, please reference the below lists for your page layout.

If a section truly can't apply (such as a character with no known backstory, and the section "backstory"), you may remove the section. Adding new sections is generally discouraged, but the necessity is understandable if the page really calls for it.

These formats are to be copied and pasted into the source editor. Make sure you are in the source editor when posting the formats.

Please review the editing rules for what categories to place something in.

General Layout Edit

Any notices, such as spoiler, stub, verification needed, etc are to be placed at the very top.

Then comes the infobox (if applicable), and then the content author (put unknown if they're not known). The content author should be to the direct left of the infobox, not above and left. Too many articles have it above and left, which is not what we want.

All of the actual page content is then added, and a navigation box at the very bottom.

Formats Edit

These are added as they're designed. I'm only one person, so please be patient! - Foxwells

Characters Edit

  • NPCs -- Hostile and non-hostile, race pages fall under this as well
  • Morphs
  • Codex -- Has no format, since they are just copy/pastes of their in-game entries

Locations Edit

  • Locations -- NOTE: If the location is an NPC (such as a shop), then use the NPC format and include information under the interactions header.

Items Edit

Misc Edit