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Notices here.
|name = Name of location
|Location = List by going up the tree. Eg, shop would list its city (or place/zone, if it isn't in a city)
|NPCs = Any NPCs to be encountered, hostile or friendly
|Items = Any items to be found
|Events = Any other special events. Remember to keep them short!
{{Author|Author's name here. If you don't know, change "Author" to "Author unknown" and delete this second section}}

General description of the location. Include things such as where it is, the kinds of NPCs encountered, and any other basic information.

== Locations ==
* A list of locations within the location. Mostly for zones/places.

== NPCs ==
* '''Name:''' Description. Make sure to link their page if they have one.

== Inventory ==
* '''Name:''' Price. Link its page. This section is for shops only, and should be used if the shop sells items.

== Services ==
* '''Name:''' Description of the service. Link page if relevant. This section is for shops only, and should be used if they offer a service besides item selling (such as the Clinic's massages or Giacomo's worm cure).

== Events ==
* List any events that don't fit elsewhere. Item finds would go here.

== History ==
Any known history of the location.

== Trivia ==
* Miscellaneous facts, from development notes to things that just don't belong elsewhere but are worth mentioning.