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Notices here.
|name = Name of spell
|type = Black or White
|fatigue = Fatigue cost before modifiers
|effect = Damaging? Healing? Status inflicting?}}
{{Author|Author's name here. Otherwise, change "Author" to "Author unknown" and delete this second part.}}

Basic information of the spell, such as if it's black or white magic and how it's learned.

== In-Game Information ==

=== Description ===
<blockquote>Its in-game description, if applicable. Its quote when hovered on in the attack menu, basically.</blockquote>

=== Stats ===
* Effect: What effect it has, in more detail than just the sidebar one-word description.
* Cost: How much fatigue and HP it costs.
* Lust Requirement: How much min lust is needed? Or if it's white magic, how high of lust can you have before it's disabled?
* Any additional notes (Such as additional requirements, perks given, etc)

=== Strengths ===
Certain spells are more effective on certain enemies. Specify here, and any conditions thereof (such as using Arouse on the Doppelganger or Cleansing Palm on corrupt enemies).

== Trivia ==
* Any relevant trivia to the spell.