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Notices here. FanonName might be a good idea if the quest name isn't official.
|name = Name of the quest
|protag = Eg, Minerva in her purity quest, the champion in the Desert Cave, Marae in the Demon Factory quest
|purpose = What the quest is trying to accomplish
|locations = Any relevant, important locations
|items = Any relevant, important items
|npcs = Any relevant, important NPCs}}
{{Author|Author's name here. Otherwise, change "Author" to "Author unknown" and delete this second part.}}

Basic information of the quest. Who it's about, what it's trying to do, how it's started, etc. Remember to keep it brief.

|name = The person who's talking, or just the situation.
|desc = A quote or snippet of text relevant to the quest. Should not contain spoilers.}}

== Unlocking ==
How to unlock the quest. What needs to be done for it to be unlocked? Are there any requirements of the champion's stats or body?

== Storyline ==
Describe its storyline. Use subheaders as needed. Due to the diversity of quests, it's impossible for me to really give suggestions regarding this. Use your best judgment.

== Notable ==
A list of anything really notable.

=== NPCs ===
* List NPCs encountered/mentioned, hostile or not.

=== Locations ===
* List locations visited/mentioned.
* Obviously camp will be visited, but unless events happen there, don't bother.

=== Items ===
* List any relevant items in the quest, if any. They do not have to be kept in the inventory to be considered relevant.

== Trivia ==
* Any relevant trivia.

== Tips ==
{{Hide Spoilers 2
|title = What spoilery content lies within
|content = Any tips and advice for people doing the quest.}}