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Notices here.
|name = Name of item
|type = Transformative
|usage = What it's used for
|boosts = What it boosts (If anything)
|changes = What body parts it changes (If anything)
|requirement = What requirement needed to have it (If anything)
|buyvalue = What its buy price is
|sellvalue = What its sell price is
|placesfound = Places it's found at
|boughtfrom = Places/Beings it's bought from
|dropfrom = Beings it's dropped by
{{Author|Author's name here. Otherwise, change "Author" to "Author unknown" and delete this second part.}}

Basic information of the consumable, including where it is found and who it's found from.

|name = Item Name
|desc = In-game description that has any kind of depth to it.}}

== In-Game Information ==

=== Description ===
<blockquote>Its in-game description, if applicable. Those quotes you find when you hover over the item's button.</blockquote>

=== Critical ===
<blockquote>It's critical description, if applicable. If there is no critical chance for this TF, delete this section.</blockquote>

A critical transformative has stronger properties than usual, and can greatly affect the changes that happen.

The formula for determining if it's a critical transformative or not is: <code>'''put the equation here'''</code>

=== Stats ===
* Effects: What it affects, besides transformations. Hunger restoration counts.
* Value: Its sell value, as said by its hover description.
* Any additional notes (Such as requirements, perks given, etc)

== Transformations ==
Explain what kind of morph the item turns you into and an overall descriptions of its other effects.

=== Stat Changes ===
* List stat changes it causes, if any.

=== Appearance Changes ===
* List appearance changes it causes, if any.

=== Miscellaneous Changes ===
* List any miscellaneous changes, such as fertility, femininity, thickness, etc.

== Trivia ==
* Any relevant trivia to the item.