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The small, messy merchant's Pawnshop in Tel'Adre, run by the nervous, fussy dog-morph Oswald. The Champion can sell off various items they may have collected during their travels here, and receive gems in exchange. Only items currently in their Inventory may be sold, and each item in a pouch or backpack requires a separate mouse-click to sell it.

Most items are worth very little — a mere 3 gems — and the starter comfortable clothing cannot be sold at all (it won't display when pawning even if in Inventory). Most purchased items (including potions purified by Rathazul, based on how much they pay him for the process) will be sold for half their purchase value. Exceptions include special / rare canine peppers (worth 5 gems), pure honey (worth 20) and purified LaBova (worth only 3). Items of particular rarity and potency, such as Black and White Spellbooks, are worth even more — a spellbook will fetch 20 gems, while leather armor is worth 38 gems. Weapons tend to be valued more; a minotaur's large axe is worth 50 gems. Singular items such as the beautiful sword or pure pearl or items that have been created from multiple mundane items, such as gel armor and chitin armor, are worth the most, from 75-200 gems, with the pure pearl going for 500 gems. At the other end of the spectrum, Scandalously Seductive Armor is worthless, but can still be "sold" (for 0 gems).

NOTE: Debug mode does not affect the selling of items at the Pawnshop. Every item sold is removed from the character's inventory.

Ingame Description:
Upon closer inspection, you realize the pawnbroker appears to be some kind of golden retriever. He doesn't look entirely comfortable and he slouches, but he manages to smile the entire time. His appearance is otherwise immaculate, including his classy suit-jacket and tie, though he doesn't appear to be wearing any pants. Surprisingly, his man-bits are retracted. Who would've thought that seeing someone NOT aroused would ever shock you? His stand is a disheveled mess, in stark contrast to its well-groomed owner. He doesn't appear to be selling anything at all right now.

The dog introduces himself as Oswald and gives his pitch, "Do you have anything you'd be interested in selling? The name's Oswald, and I’m the best trader in Tel'Adre."

Pawn Values
Cannot be Pawned: Comfortable Clothing, Key Items
Worth/Value Items
0 Gems Scandalously Seductive Armor
3 Gems Bee Honey, Black Chitin, Canine Pepper, Cerulean Potion, Coal, Eggs (large or small, any color), Equinum, Fuck Draft, Goblin Ale, piece of Green Gel, Hair Dyes (any color), Hair Extension Serum, Hummus, Imp Food, Incubus Draft, LaBova, Lactaid, Marble's Milk, Minotaur Blood, ProBova, Purified LaBova, Reptilum, Scholar's Tea, Shark Tooth, Slutty Swimwear, Snake Oil, Succubi Milk, Succubi's Delight, Succubi's Dream, Tattered Scroll, Vitality Tincture, Wet Cloth, Whisker Fruit.
5 Gems Rare Canine Peppers (any)
10 Gems Lust Draft, Purified Incubus Draft, Purified Succubi's Delight, Purified Succubi Milk
12 Gems Pipe
15 Gems Ovi Elixer, Reducto
20 Gems White Book, Black Book, Pure Honey
25 Gems GroPlus, Riding Crop, Wizard's Robes
30 Gems Minotaur Cum, Overalls
38 Gems Leather Armor
40 Gems Tube Top (w/cutoffs)
45 Gems Large Hammer
50 Gems Black Leather Robe, Large Axe
60 Gems Robes
75 Gems Chainmail Armor, Gel Armor, Lust-Enchanted Dagger
85 Gems Scale Mail
100 Gems Chitin Armor, Green Adventurer's Outfit
125 Gems Full-plate Armor
175 Gems Wizard's Staff
200 Gems Beautiful Sword, Suit Clothes
225 Gems Tight Leather Pants
300 Gems Golden Statue
350 Gems Chainmail Bikini
400 Gems Indecent Steel
500 Gems Pure Pearl, Rubber Fetish Outfit, Large Claymore, Bimbo Liqueur
600 Gems Long Dress, Red Bodysuit
650 Gems Bodysuit
700 Gems Jeweled Rapier
800 Gems Warhammer

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