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The Phoenix is a hybrid between a Salamander and a Harpy and one of the Sapient Species of Mareth. They were created artificially by a Harpy sorceress who had acquired a Salamander sex-slave for the purpose of being anti-demon warriors, and fundamentally resemble a Salamander with some feathered patches and larger than normal red-colored Harpy wings.

Whereas Harpies are an all-female species and Salamanders are a normally bi-gendered species, Phoenixes are an all-hermaphrodite species; this trait was presumably engineered into them to allow them to expand their numbers more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Phoenix NPCsEdit

  • Phoenix Mob — Fought during the Tower of the Phoenix quest.
  • Phoenix — Encounterable in High Mountain after Tower of the Phoenix quest has been completed

Becoming a PhoenixEdit

It is not possible to transform into a phoenix... Yet.

you can still try to combine golden seeds with salamander wine until you look like one, to do so, go full salamander then start adding harpy until you get wings but not feather hair, add a penis with purified incubi draft or a vagina with purified succubus milk, and you done... now you will look like a phoenix, fire breath included, pretty sure all phoenixes are red-heads so orange/red hair dye will do nicely.

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