Items Drop Rizza Root

Phouka Whiskey

Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Faerie
Body Parts
Height 5"
Build Slender hips and tight butt
Skin Black
Hair 1" long, black
Wings Small faerie wings
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Flat
Penis 1" long and 0.5" thick
Locations and More
Location(s) Bog

The phouka is flying around near you, waiting for an opening. He has the general appearance of a faerie, though he is slightly larger and his skin and wings are coal black. A large cock stands erect between his legs. His cat-like green eyes, filled with lust, follow your every motion.

Encounters Edit

Depending on the champion's stats, they will either have the chance to follow the phouka or leave, or they will find themselves trapped and be forced to interact with the creature.

Options Edit

  • Offer Drink: The champion temporarily loses stats from drinking. Sex scenes are available with sufficient arousal.
  • Talk: Can lead to three different scenes.
    • The phouka decides the champion isn't worth its time and leaves.
    • The champion is offered whiskey. Refusing will cause the phouka to offer to transform into an animal-morph to have sex, and accepting will lead to the phouka passing out after drinking. The champion can either have sex with the drunk phouka or leave.
    • The phouka attempts to intimidate the champion into having sex with it. The champion can either fight or have sex with the phouka as a bunny, horse, or a goat.
  • Fight

Combat Edit

The phouka mainly uses lust attacks in its normal form. It can transform into a bunny, horse, or a goat in order to damage the champion.

  • Normal: The phouka rains semen on the champion to raise lust or hurls a ball of mud and semen, hitting the champion in the mouth and preventing the use of magic attacks for a few turns..
  • Horse: The stallion attempts to trample the champion under its hooves.
  • Bunny: The bunny-morph kicks the champion, leaving them reeling. It can also rub against the champion's body, raising their lust.
  • Goat: The goat charges into the champion with its horns, winding them.