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The Piercing Studio is a business in the hidden city of Tel'Adre, run by the cat-girl Yara. Built from sandstone, its sign depicts a hermaphroditic centaur fully covered in piercings.

Ingame Description:
The interior of the piercing studio is earthy, leaving the stone floors and walls uncovered though the windows are covered with woven blankets, sewn from multicolored threads. There are a number of cushy chairs facing a wall of mirrors, along with a shelf covered in needles, piercings, and strong alcohols. A brunette prowls about the place, tidying it up during a lull in business. You dully notice that unlike everyone else in this town, she's mostly human. Perhaps she came through a portal as well? She approaches you, and you see a cat tail waving behind her, and a pair of fuzzy feline ears, both covered in piercings, perched atop her head. Clearly she's been here long enough to pick up some of the local flavors.

She introduces herself, "Hello there cutie, my name is Yara. Would you like to get a piercing?"

The Champion can ask Yara about herself, which leads to her describing how she ended up in Mareth, became a cat-girl, and found her way to Tel'Adre. This slightly increases intelligence and decreases lust and corruption, but cannot be repeated.


A character can pay Yara to add a piercing to a specified body part, or to remove a piercing.

Getting piercedEdit

When choosing a piercing the Champion must choose what body part they want to pierce, what kind of piercing they want there, and what material to be made out of. Certain body parts and materials cause small stat changes. Standard piercings cost 100 gems while piercings made with rare materials cost 1000 gems.

Body partsEdit

Body parts are only available to be pierced if they are not already pierced. To change a piercing, the old piercing must first be removed.

  • Clit — Increases sensitivity by 2. Only available if the Champion has a vagina.
  • Dick — Increases libido by 2. Only available if the Champion has a penis.
  • Ears
  • Eyebrow — Decreases toughness by 0.5.
  • Lip — Decreases toughness by 0.5.
  • Nipples — Increases libido and sensitivity by 1.
  • Nose — Increases strength by 0.5.
  • Tongue — Increases sensitivity by 1.
  • Labia — Increases sensitivity. by 1. Only available if the Champion has a vagina.

Piercing typesEdit

Some piercing types are only available for specific body parts.

  • Stud — Available for all piercings.
  • Ring — Not available for tongue piercings.
  • Jacob's ladder — Only available for cock piercings.
  • Hoops — Only available for ear piercings.
  • Chain — Only available for nipple piercings.


Gaining a piercing of a particular material will give the Champion a small stat change depending on the material chosen.

  • Amethyst — Increases intelligence and libido by 1.
  • Diamond — Increases intelligence by 2 and decreases corruption by 1.
  • Gold — Increases intelligence and sensitivity by 1.
  • Emerald — Increases speed by 1.
  • Jade — Decreases toughness by 0.5, increases intelligence by 1, and decreases toughness by 1.
  • Onyx — Increases toughness by 1 and decreases speed by 1.
  • Ruby — Increases libido and sensitivity by 1.
  • Steel — Increases strength and decreases intelligence by 2

Rare materialsEdit

For a higher price, the Champion can purchase piercings made from rarer materials. These piercing materials do not have an associated stat change, but instead grant the character a perk. Removing the piercing will not remove the perk.

  • Lethite — Adds the Pierced: Lethite perk, increasing the chances of encountering imps while exploring and getting the imp gang-bang scene.
  • Fertite — Adds the Pierced: Fertite perk, increasing the Champion's cum production and fertility. Each additional piercing increases the effect.
  • Furrite — Adds the Pierced: Furrite perk, increasing the chances of encountering Jojo in the forest, or a minotaur or hellhound in the Mountain.
  • Crimstone — Adds the Pierced: Crimstone perk, increasing the Champion's minimum lust by 5. Each additional piercing increases the effect.
  • Icestone — Adds the Pierced: Icestone perk, reducing minimum lust by 5. It can be considered a counter-effect to the crimstone piercing. Each additional piercing increases the efect.

Removing a piercingEdit

Removing a piercing costs 100 gems and reduces toughness by 5, and Yara will refuse to remove a piercing on the Champion with toughness of 5.5 or less. Only the physical piercing is lost if Yara removes it: the stat changes from the piercing (if applicable) or any other effects the piercing has (such as the perks from the rare materials or the fetishes from Ceraph's piercings) will remain.

If the Champion has a body part pierced and then loses that body part (as may happen with dick piercings, or labia or clitoris piercings if the Hero loses their vagina), then that piercing will be lost. There are no stat changes for losing a piercing in this way, and special effects from the piercing will remain as normal.


  • While Yara cautions the Champion that "[her] piercings are special — they're permanent and CAN'T be removed", which means that the effect of the piercing is permanent and remains even if the piercing is removed.
  • The option for Yara to remove piercings was added in v0.4.6a, two days after v0.4.6 initially added the Piercing Studio.
  • While the rare piercings can be viewed when you have exactly 1000 gems, you can't actually buy it before you have a little more than the initial price.
  • It is possible to have sex with Yara if:
    • The Champion is female or herm and gets either their Labia or Clitoris pierced, in the scene Yara and the Hero will 69;
    • The Champion is male or herm and gets their penis pierced, in the scene Yara and the Hero will 69 and then fuck.

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