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Pig-morph Score
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Transformative: Pigtail Truffle
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The Pig-morph is an anthropomorphic pig and one of the many sapient species of Mareth.

Pig-Morph NPCsEdit

  • Lottie — A chubby pig-girl found at the Gym, desperately searching for a personal trainer.
  • Piggy Slut - A masochistic, submissive, honey-lactating and jizzing pig-girl whore who can be rented for a gem at The Wet Bitch during a yearly event in October.

Becoming a Pig-MorphEdit

The Revamp Mod has added Pig-morph to the list morphs one may transform to. Will add info when it comes in.

To be classified as a pig-morph you must have a pig score of 4 or more.

If your face resembles that of a boar from Boar Truffle and you're originally classified as pig-morph, you'll instead be classified as a boar-morph.

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