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Piggy Slut
Body Parts
Build extremely curvaceous with just the right amount of fat
Face slightly pig-like snout, an adorable nose poking out from her muzzle
Ears pig-like
Torso pleasantly chubby, with an immense butt and brood-mother hips
Skin bright pig-pink skin
Hair ass-length, curly brown hair
Tail curly tail
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts enormous pair of jugs adorns her plump body, bouncing and leaking what looks like honey
Vagina honey-like substance from her vagina
Locations and More
Occupation Whore, sexual submissive and masochist
The Piggy Slut is a female pig-girl whore who can be found at The Wet Bitch. She is a yearly event linked to Thanksgiving, like the Cockgobbler.

When the Champion enters The Wet Bitch, they are approached by a hugely voluptuous waitress, so buxom that they become fixated on her breasts, noticing nothing else. She tells them that the Bitch is having a special right now, and offers them a night of fun in exchange for one gem; if they pay, they are directed to the Piggy Slut, otherwise they return to the normal Wet Bitch menu.

The Piggy Slut is extremely curvaceous; not so much fat as pleasantly chubby, but with an immense butt, brood-mother hips and an enormous pair of breasts. She produces a honey-like substance from her vagina and her breasts. She has ass-length, curly brown hair that contrasts with her bright pig-pink skin. She is not only an eager whore, but also a sexual submissive and a masochist.

Regardless of gender, the Champion's sex scenes are the same; they engage in some physical pain-play — spanking her with a paddle if they choose "softcore", or thrashing her ass with a whip if they chose "hardcore" — and then anally penetrate her with a hyper-sized horsecock dildo whilst eating her out, resulting in a heaping helping of her honey-femcum.

As a consequence of this, the player experiences minor weight gain, a bust increase to E-cup (if smaller than E-cup) or big E-cup (if E-cup), a sizeable hip size increase, and an even larger ass increase.

Ingame Description:
[A] jiggly piggy slut furiously frigging her juicy honey pot as syrupy, golden brown juices fly out, not stopping for even a second. Her pink, soft form jiggling and wobbling with just the right amount of fat. There's a paunch in her stomach that wiggles around, possibly a cream-filled belly from all the fun she's been having today. She's lying on her massive posterior, easily one of the biggest you've ever seen, hips flared out like a tried-and-true brood mother. An enormous pair of jugs adorns her plump body, bouncing and leaking what looks like honey as she enters the peak of her excitement.

Oinking cutely, her curled tail waves around and quivers vigorously, like a happy dog getting a treat. You look up to her slightly pig-like snout, an adorable nose poking out from her muzzle, her eyes closed while her mouth is gaping open. Strands of thick masculinity are plastered all over her body, her ass-length curly brown hair tangled and stained with male-milk.

Femspunk dribbles down from her open maw, making her neck rather sticky as the same fluid runs from her own squishing sex. Fingers moving like a blur, she finally creams herself, gushing another wave of honey out of her hot, roasted sex. She breathes deeply, like she had just finished a vigorous exercise. She pulls her fingers out, frosted with syrupy goodness from her still drizzling, juicy cunt.

The piggy slut brings them to her mouth, tasting her own pussy juice as she licks each one absentmindedly.

She finally opens her eyes and lets out a surprised, "Oink!" when she sees you observing her with an amused glint in her eyes.

Then the plump whore's eyes suddenly turn more seductive, giving you a come-hither look as she oinks rather sexily, something that you didn't think would be possible until now.

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