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You find yourself standing in knee-high grass, surrounded by flat plains on all sides. Though the Mountain, Forest, and Lake are all visible from here, they seem quite distant.


Regular Encounters Edit

  • Bazaar Guard
  • Bunny Girl - a monster-girl bunny who takes on the role of an Easter Bunny.
  • Gnoll - a predatory hyena-morph who attacks the champion on sight.
  • Gnoll Spear-Thrower - another hyena-morph, this time armed with a number of javelins.
  • Helia - a female Salamander berserker.
  • Isabella - a tall cowgirl who speaks with a stereotypical Germanic accent.
  • Satyr - (two different scenes)
  • Sheila - A female Kangaroo-morph encountered when exploring the Plains.

Special encounters Edit

  • Bizarre Bazaar - a settlement formed from brightly coloured wagons and tents, the Bazaar is only open to characters with a corruption stat of 33 or higher. The Bazaar is found on every tenth exploration of the plains, provided the character has not yet entered and unlocked it as a place.
  • Kanga Fruit - a kanga fruit growing from a strange plant.
  • Ovi Elixir - a discarded bottle of oviposition elixer.
  • Owca Village
  • Niamh - after she moved out of Tel´Adre
  • Isabella-Helia-Threesome

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