Content Author: Donto

Polar Pete is a polar bear-morph found in the Plains.

Ingame Description:
As you travel through the plains, something seems to be off the further you continue to walk. Soon your breath mists in front of your mouth, and you hug yourself as the temperature seems to drop. As you look up, flakes of pure white fall from above. The ground at your feet is littered with frost and dusted with snow, and you feel a chill run up your spine as you adjust to the colder weather. Something unnatural seems to be affecting the area.

With a crunch of snow, you turn your head to see a large figure in the distance. The flurry of snowfall blurs your vision though it seems to be getting closer. Once it's close enough, you can make out what it is.

Walking towards you is a rather large man — from far away he seemed to simply be a tall human, but as he gets closer you can tell something is off. He is hairy, very much so, as his body is covered in short white fur. Rounded ears peek out of his crown of white hair, the color matching his rugged, short boxed beard. A smile on his lips at the sight of you, his muscled arms heft a large sack hung over his shoulder. The strange man seems unperturbed by the weather, perhaps because he is wearing a large crimson coat lined with white fur and matching pants. His big black boots crunch the snow underfoot.

"Happy holiday!" His deep voice bellows out to you, and despite your unease, the strange male gives off a sense of... jolliness. You can't help but feel a bit happier simply looking at him — he certainly seems happy to see you.

"I had hoped to run into someone like you on my trip. I've got a lot of stops to make, many gifts to give." His arm sets the large sack down in the snow next to himself. You take a closer look and can make out square bulges in the large brown bag. "My name's Polar Pete," he says, his lips curling into a confident grin.

Only meetable on December 25 in the Plains. Remember to turn on Silly mode for this holiday event.

You're given two options, one is to unwrap his 'candy cane'. Choosing to do so, he will let you suck on his sack and give him a blowjob. The sucking of his big black pole and shaved ball ends in a facial and a present from his bag. Pete gives the Champion a real flexible candy cane to suck and gives a little Christmas cheer up the Hero's anus until its spilling out. He takes back the candy cane but leaves a present of a vial of peppermint white.