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The portals are magical constructs possibly created by the first mages that appeared on Mareth approximately 200-years ago. The Portal the Champion passes through was created within Mount Ilgast. Once a year when the portal opens to Mareth a single champion passes through. These brave individuals enter the Demon Realm to rid it of the demonic hordes to protect their home town of Ingnam.

Entering the Portal
The entrance of the cave gapes open, sharp stalactites hanging over the entrance, giving it the appearance of a monstrous mouth. Elder Nomur stops and nods to you, gesturing for you to proceed alone.

The cave is unusually warm and damp, and your body reacts with a sense of growing warmth focusing in your groin, your manhood hardening for no apparent reason. You were warned of this and press forward, ignoring your body’s growing needs. A glowing purple-pink portal swirls and flares with demonic light along the back wall. Cringing, you press forward, keenly aware that your body seems to be anticipating coming in contact with the tainted magical construct. Closing your eyes, you gather your resolve and leap forwards. Vertigo overwhelms you and you black out...

Portals appeared on other worlds as well from what the Champion will learn during their time on Mareth, some possibly from parallel planes of existence. A few appeared after the first portal was formed by the original mages that first showed up in Mareth, but most formed when the mages began casting the spell that changed them to demons, forming a crystalline substance, later called lethicite by Lethice.

While on Mareth
You walk over to the portal, reminded by how and why you came. You wonder if you can go back to Ingnam. You start by picking up a small pebble and throw it through the portal. It passes through the portal. As you walk around the portal, you spot the pebble at the other side. Seems like you can’t get back right now.

Between 200-years ago to the present more than champions emerged into this land, individuals of several races also passed through, including orcs, goblins and naga, later being transformed to demons or otherwise corrupted.

Is there a time one may travel back through to Ingnam? There are rumors that say there may be a way.

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