Potent Mixture
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Corrupt Amily
Requirement 25+ Corruption
Sexual organ(s)
Goblin Ale
Lust Draft

The Potent Mixture is a corrupting elixir made by the champion, as to get revenge on Amily for rejecting them once they became corrupt. It's made up of a Goblin Ale, a Lust Draft or Fuck Draft, and the champion's own sexual fluids.

Potent Mixture, once made
After taking a few minutes to rest you look inside the bowl; the mixture has become pinkish-white in color and it bubbles omniously. You take one of the empty bottles and fill it with as much of the mixture as you can, before putting the cork back and putting it back into your pouch. Now all you have to do is find Amily...

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You begin to formulate a plan, but to put this plan into motion you'll require a Lust Draft and some Goblin Ale. That damn rat is going to rue the day she denied you.

Effects Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A champion with less than 40 intelligence will not immediately think of the ingredients they need.
  • It takes three mixtures to fully corrupt Amily.
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