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Depending on their gender, the Champion can be impregnated by and/or impregnate some NPCs:

  • A female Champion can be impregnated by some NPCs, monsters, and events.
  • A male Champion can impregnate some NPCs and also be impregnated by at least one monster. These involve the Hero engaging in anal sex with the monster whereupon they get pregnant (butt pregnancy). These pregnancies proceed as normal vaginal ones; the only two minor differences how the pregnancy is described (it is noted continually as feeling "wrong") and where the baby comes out (the ass, obviously).
  • A hermaphrodite Champion have both the female and male options.
  • The Champion, even genderless, if they have an ovipositor, can impregnate some NPCs or be impregnated by monsters with an ovipositor.
    • Ovipositor impregnations aren't pregnancies in the traditional sense; it means that the impregnator lays their eggs inside the impregnated character's vagina or anus, using them as a host mother for the children.


A table of NPCs, species and others who may impregnate and/or be impregnated by the Champion:

NPC pregnancyEdit

The characters of Amily, Marble, Cotton, Sheila, Tamani and Tamani's daughters can all be impregnated by a Champion with a penis (and hopefully testicles) under appropriate circumstances. Ceraph claims she'll breed imps, but there are no pregnancy scenes for her in the game. Edryn can be impregnated by a Champion with a penis, balls, and either increased cum or possession by Exgartuan. (The enhanced cum is required to overcome her precautions.) Izma can be impregnated once she joins the camp. Impregnating spider-girls will result in a randomly-occurring scene in the Swamp observing the offspring hatch. Ember can be impregnated (When the Champion is heat or rut and accepting Ember's offer). Kelt can be impregnated if the Hero breaks him and turns him into Kelly. Sophie can be impregnated both on the High Mountain and when she is in Camp (as either a follower or a slave); the only daughters that the Champion can interact with are the daughters conceived in camp, except for Tamani's daughters. Urta can be impregnated once her Fertility Quest is completed. Minerva can impregnate and be impregnated once she is properly purified. Kiha can be impregnated in days that are multiples of 15.

Pregnancy with NPCs
Type Offspring Stats Comments
Akbal P Imp N
Amily PIB Mouse-morph Y Can only be an ovipositor host after she has been recruited as a lover.
Benoit P Y
Ceraph PIDB Imps N Can only be an ovipositor host if she has been enslaved.
Cotton PI Equine-morph Y
Edryn I Centaurs Y
Ember PI Dragon-morph Y
Izma PI Shark-girls Y
Jojo PB ??? Can only be an ovipositor host if he has been corrupted and recruited as a camp follower.
Kelt/Kelly P/I Centaur (???) N Kelt can impregnate a player with high submissiveness who has eagerly obeyed him once and is in heat. If the player turns Kelt into Kelly, they can impregnate her. Kelly's children do not show up in the stats menu, but their number can be checked by visiting Kelly and selecting the "Appearance" option.
Lilium P Imps ???
Lynnette I Y
Marble PI Y
Sheila I Y
Sophie I Harpies Y
Tamani D Goblins Y
Tamani's Daughters I Y Having sex with Tamani's daughters increases their numbers, affecting the stat in the same way as having sex with Tamani.
Urta PIDB Fox-morph Y
Pregnancy with Species
Name Type Offspring Stats Comments
Anemone PDB Anemones N
Basilisk PDB N
Bee-Girl HD N
Bunny Girl PH N Hosting her eggs anally does not lead to a birth. The eggs break down over two days and, once every eight hours, affect the player the way consuming a Neon Pink Egg would.

A high bunny score is required for vaginal pregnancy. (High enough to have the appearance screen classify you as a "bunny-girl.") Otherwise, the effect is the same as the anal pregnancy.

Cum Witch P Sand Witches N
Drider, Corrupted PH Driders N
Goblin D none
Goo-girl PB N Can only impregnate a PC who is a female goo-girl.
Harpies D none
Hellhound P N
Imps P N
Minotaurs PDB Y
Naga PB none
Phouka P Phouka
N Faerie offspring requires the Champion to consume Pure Honey while pregnant
Sand Trap H N
Sand Witch DB none
Satyr PM N
Spider-Morph, Female I N
Spider-Morph, Male P ???
Pregnancy with Misc
Name Type Offspring Stats Comments
Champion HDB none see Nipple pregnancy
Oviposition Elixir P N
Showers P varies N/Y
  • Minotaur children are listed in the stats among the ones fathered by minotaurs in the High Mountain.
  • Other pregnancies caused by the Showers are not listed in the stats.
  • Type- What kind of pregnancies are possible:
    • P: The NPC can impregnate a female PC.
    • M: The NPC can impregnate a male PC (not eggs).
    • I: The PC can impregnate the NPC.
    • H: The PC can host the eggs of the NPC (butt pregnancy).
    • D: Drider ovipositor host - A PC with a drider ovipositor can lay eggs in the NPC.
    • B: Bee ovipositor host - A PC with a bee ovipositor can lay eggs in the NPC.
  • Stats - The children produced by some NPCs are listed under the Stats button, others are not. The stats only states the number of offspring produced not whether the PC is the father or the mother.
    • Y: Children listed in the stats
    • N: Children not listed in the stats
    • ?: Info not available yet (please add info if you can)

It's worth noting that, as of version 0.8.10, there is now a "Births" stat which tracks the total number of times the PC has given birth. So, many pregnancies are now technically tracked under the Stats button, though they are still listed as "N" on this table because they do not have an individual stat; the only thing listed is the total births with no way of discerning how many times each separate creature has been birthed.

Champion PregnancyEdit

The PC's appearance (through both the Appearance button and in the Character Viewer) will reflect progress of the pregnancy as the child (or egg) is carried to term.

The chance of getting pregnant is determined by the PC's Fertility. The chance of impregnating an NPC is mainly determined by the PC's Cum Production but also by some other factors.

There are several perks that will increase pregnancy speed. The potion Ovi Elixer will advance an existing pregnancy along, but will also get a character pregnant with eggs if they aren't.

Champion's Pregnancy DetailsEdit

  • Name in italics means it is an ovipositor impregnation
  • Unless it is an ovipositor impregnation or stated otherwise, the character will need to be either a female or a hermaphrodite for these pregnancies
Pregnancy with NPCs
Sire Breeds Requirements Misc Notes
Akbal Imps
Amily Mouse-morph
  • With less than 25 corruption, can be done with Amily in Town Ruins or as a Camp Lover.
  • With greater than 24 corruption, Champion must enslave Amily in order to breed with her.
Benoit Basilisks
  • Oviposition perk
  • Basilisk Womb perk
Champion must first have sex with Benoit. After which, if they talk to him, they will be given a recipe for getting the Oviposition perk. He will then give the extra option of getting the Basilisk Womb perk.
Ceraph Imps
Cotton Equines
Ember Dragon-morphs Be in rut/heat For Ember to be able to impregnate the PC her egg must have been treated with Ovi Elixir and PC must have been, during incubation, either a female or a herm.
Izma Tigersharks Izma is beaten OR Izma is follower If Izma wins your fight she will take you vaginally but will make you take anti-pregnancy herbs so that you don't get pregnant.
Jojo Mouse-morphs Jojo is corrupted
Kelt Centaurs
  • Be in heat
  • Have stripped eagerly at least once
Lilium Imps
Marble Cow-girls Marble is a follower Marble has been fed a Purified Incubi Draft
Urta Fox-morphs Complete Urta's Fertility Quest
Pregnancy with Species
Sire Breeds Requirements Misc Notes
Anemone Kid A
Anemone penis Not a traditional birthing scene; instead, the Champion just detaches the nascent anemone and tosses her into a water barrel.
Basilisk Basilisks
  • In heat
  • Oviposition perk
  • Basilisk Womb perk
Bee-girl Bee Eggs Only lays eggs in butt.
Bunny Girl Bunny-morph Bunny score greater than 4 The Champion, whenever they let the Bunny Girl penetrate them with bunny score of less than 4 (orally, vaginally, or anally), will be filled with Neon Pink Eggs. However, instead of the Hero laying them, they will instead slowly break down while giving the PC a random Neon Pink Egg effect.
Cum Witch Sand Witches
  • Must have at least partially gone through Sand Witch's Dungeon
  • Before speaking to the Sand Mother: PC must defeat Cum Witch in Sand Witch's Dungeon and take her penis vaginally.
  • After speaking with the Sand Mother: if PC is on good terms with Sand Mother, s/he can request that Cum Witches be allowed to roam the desert. If on bad terms with the Sand Mother, the only chance to get pregnant with a Sand Witch is through defeating the Cum Witch while going through the dungeon.
Drider, Corrupt Drider Eggs Eggs can be laid in either the vagina or the ass.
Goo-girl Goo-girls Be a goo-girl Must lose to the goo-girl.
Hellhound Hellhounds Lower body isn't Naga or Goo
Imp Imps
Minotaur Minotaurs
Sand Trap Fly Trap Eggs
Satyr Satyr Currently, the only known being that can impregnate a male PC with an actual child, not just eggs.
Spider-morph, Male Drider Eggs Only in vagina?
Pregnancy with Misc
Sire Breeds Requirements Misc Notes
Ovi Elixir Eggs
  • If multiple Elixirs are taken then the egg that the PC lays is larger and thus more potent. May also increase the number of eggs produced; regardless of this, the PC may only keep one egg.
  • If PC is already pregnant then she will not get pregnant with eggs as well as the child but will, instead, accelerate the pregnancy.
Showers Imps
Must workout at the Gym After choosing [Lifting Weights] or [Jogging Track] the player will have the option to go and use the shower. Doing so, they will come upon a goblin-machine meant to impregnate women and/or take semen for future inseminations. Afterwards, if the PC chooses [Shower], they will use the sex machine.

There are currently no ways to "abort" a pregnancy.

A completed pregnancy will increase the width of a Champion's hips slightly, his/her ass, and can also increase Fertility.

Enough completed pregnancies will add the perk Brood Mother to the Champion.

Generally, the offspring of completed PC pregnancies do not remain with the Champion. Most simply suckle (if available) and leave. The exceptions are as follows.

Marble's offspring remain, assuming she completes her enclosure before the PC gives birth. However, they will leave if Marble leaves the PC for having high corruption. Izma's daughters can be checked up on via her menu. Helspawn joins the PC's followers when she becomes an adult. Kid A remains with the PC, living in a water barrel in the PC's "Stash." Sophie's Daughters build a nest which is added to the PC's camp description. They are accessible in Sophie's sex menu. Phylla's ant-children build a colony beneath the PC's camp, which is included in the camp description. They are found in Phylla's menus.

Nipple pregnancyEdit

Nipple pregnancy is a very special masturbation scene where a PC with an ovipositor, penetrable nipples, and large breasts can lay her eggs in her own nipples. The eggs are never laid but are absorbed into the breasts, causing them to grow larger.