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Prison is a place that's the home of Mistress Elly, Scruffy the Imp, and more.

Getting There Edit

Prison can be accessed for the first time by exploring the dark alley in the Bizarre Bazaar. You'll be knocked out and stripped of your gear as you wake up in your cell.

Upon waking up, you will be greeted by Mistress Elly, the omnibus who runs the prison.

The Stats Edit

There are four stats: Hunger, Willpower, Self Esteem, Obedience.

  • Hunger: How hungry you are. In prison, you'll lose willpower if you're starving. Outside prison, you'll lose strength, toughness, and HP.
  • Willpower: This will let you resist commands.
  • Self Esteem: The ability to recover willpower. Higher self-esteem will help to regenerate willpower faster.
  • Obedience: How willing you are in obeying commands. Higher obedience makes it harder to resist and will use up more willpower.