A vial of purity philter
General Information
Type Consumable
Usage  ???
Reduces Corruption
Merchant Information
Buy Value 100
Sell Value 50
Locations Found
Bought From Rathazul
Dropped From Mimic

Content Author: ??? A vial of purity philter (or P.Philter/Purity Philter) is a consumable item occasionally dropped from a Mimics or randomly from it's event. Can also be purchased from Rathazul for 100 gems.

Purity Philter, when consumed
You uncap the small silver vial and place it to your lips. Tilting your head back, you pour the cold tasteless liquid down your throat.

at <20 corruption: You shiver as your body is suffused with a cold, refreshing feeling. You feel much calmer than before.

at <40 corruption: You break out into a cold sweat as the freezing liquid surges through your body. Despite the discomfort, your thoughts do seem clearer.

at <60 corruption: As the freezing liquid hits your stomach, you suddenly feel like you're standing in a blizzard. Your hands and feet go numb, and even though you've never felt colder in your life, you're covered in sweat. Eventually, you begin to feel more normal, and your thoughts definitely seem clearer.

Else: As you swallow the liquid, you fall gasping to your knees. It feels like someone shoved an icicle through your middle. You break out in a cold sweat as the sensation spreads, and you feel like your blood is freezing in your veins. Mercifully, you pass out.

Later, when you wake up, the constant haze of lust that usually clouds your thoughts seems a bit thinner.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This silver vial feels cool to the touch. In fact, it feels a bit cold. Given the label, you suspect this will help to erase corruption.

Stats Edit

  • Effects: Reduces corruption by 5 + 1/10th of your total corruption.
  • Value: 100

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the lack of any adverse affects as well as how easy it is to acquire, Purity Philters are an extremely efficient way to reduce corruption.
  • As you can kill mimics without taking a single hit using a ranged attack, selling Purity Philters is one of the best ways to farm gems in the early game.
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