Purity Potion
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Purifying Minerva
Requirement 1 Calm Mint
1 Pure Peach
1 Purity Philter*
1 Pure Honey*
Locations Found
Bought From Rathazul

Content Author: Unknown

Rathazul's Purity Potion is an elixir made from various ingredients that can either purify or are uncorrupt. The potion rids Minerva of the parasite infecting her, effectively purifying her. The purging is excruciatingly painful, as shown by Minerva's reaction to the potion, since it dissolves the parasite into nothing more than toxic-smelling gas.

Rathazul's Purity Potion, as first proposed by Rathazul
But, I do have a theoretical recipe. If you can just find me some foodstuffs that would lower corruption and soothe the libido, and bring them to me, then I might be able to complete it. I can suggest pure giant bee honey as one, but I need at least two other items that can perform at least one of those effects. You said that the spring was able to keep your friend’s corruption in check? Maybe some of the plants that grow there would be viable; bring me some samples, and a fresh dose of pure honey, and we’ll see what I can do.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You hurry over to Rathazul, and tell him you have the items you think he needs. His eyes widen in shock as you show them to him, and he immediately snatches them from you without a word, hurrying over to his alchemical equipment. You watch, uncertain of what he’s doing, as he messes around with it, but within minutes he has produced a strange-looking potion that he brings back to you.

Effects Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to version 1.4, the potion could only be made with Pure Honey instead of a Purity Philter.
  • The potion cannot be made if Rathazul isn't a camp follower, as the champion won't think of Rathazul as an option for helping Minerva.
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