Gender: Male / female.

Height: 7’ 6" (90") to 8' 6" (102")

Build: Thick / curvy.

Skin: Pale grey to dark grey.

Eyes: Brown to black.

Diet: Omnivores, though still have a penchant for the good old food: leafy plants, branches, shoots, thorny wood bushes, and fruit.

Appearance: A bipedal race of anthropomorphic rhinos, this species is massive, standing approximately eight-foot tall, and are thick to put it mildly. They have roughly humanoid body characteristics, save for their rhino-like face, four-fingered hands and four-toed feet, and the main non-human feature, their rhino-cocks. With their thick pale to dark grey hide, horse-like ears, extended snout with one or two horns protruding out the upper side, this species looks to be ready for war.

Behavior: Rhino-morphs are a naturally occurring species in Mareth. The rhino-morphs were best known for their dualistic psychological nature.

On one hand they tend to be gentle giants: Some are boisterous and loving creatures who care a bit too much and wear their emotions on their sleeve. Others are more quiet and reserved. Their personalities are as varied as any other race but their default state is one of kindness and community. Even before the fall they were known to adopt members of other species into their crashes and treat them as family because to a rhino that’s what a crash is, their family.

On the other hand they can become irrational and exceptionally violent: Many rhinos have never experienced this but those who have describe it as a switch turning off and their blood burning. Their gentle caring nature is overridden and they go into a targeted rage that usually results in someone or something getting the crap beaten out of them. This change takes an extreme amount of mental and/or physical stress and there are many warning signs, so avoiding getting a rhino morph riled up was always easy. There was an old saying in Mareth, "You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Mess with the rhino and you deserve the horns."

Behavior after Corruption: Initially the demons learned to fear the rhino-morphs. They took in survivors from other villages into their nomadic crashes and protected them with their tough hide and weapon like horns. Yet ultimately their dualistic nature caused them to trust demons that didn’t show themselves to be aggressive. This allowed the demons to walk among them. One thing lead to another and eventually the corruption swept through the crashes like a million birds of prey felling a field of mice petrified with fear.

Reproduction: Rhino-morphs were also known for their lifelong, monogamous couplings which caused a firm belief in marriage and family rearing.

Rhino-morphs produce one calf at a time. Before the corruption this process took months and was a celebrated occasion. Children were a great and wonderful treasure and it was considered a great honor to have a child with a rhino-morph because they were indiscriminate with their love. It didn’t matter if their children were rhinos or not.

Reproduction after Corruption: Despite the corruption they still form married pairs but they are never monogamous. Their once great love of their offspring has been completely changed and now they tend to not produce offspring by choice, the males and females have evolved corrupt organs that reduce fertility.

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