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The Salon is hidden within the Mountain. The Champion can discover a cleverly concealed doorway, from which they can hear the sounds of blades being sharpened. If the Hero chooses to enter, they discover it contains a hidden hair salon, worked by a tribe of Goblins led by a matriarch named Lynnette. Entering adds the Salon to the Places menu.

Lynnette will cheerfully explain that she and her daughters work as hairstylists requesting payment in spooge in exchange for their work. The Champion is offered to slip out the back to a set of gloryholes, where they can give a blowjob to a canine penis (see Notes), minotaur's penis, imp's penis or incubus' penis in order to pay. If they, Hero, has a penis of their own, they have the option to allow Lynette to give them a blowjob to pay for their hairstyling.

She explains that she is already pregnant herself, so Lynette doesn't need any more spooge in her vagina. Later she when not pregnant, then Champion may choose an option [Fuck goblin], which leads to one of the following scenes depending on Hero's cum production. She will not have sex if low cum production. With high enough production, or after several times of satisfying her, Lynnette may be so grateful allowing the Champion to use the Salon without any payment in future (but they still have the option to pay).

Refusal to pay means leaving the Salon. Accepting a blowjob from Lynnette decreases the Champion's Lust to minimum. After any payment Lynnette will then provide the Hero the following options:

  • Lengthen the Champion's hair (up to about five inches per application).
  • Give a Short, Medium or Long haircut (depends on how much hair they have).
  • Give a sand or mud facial (+10 femininity for mud, +10 masculinity for sand).
  • Sell them a Hair Extension Serum (increases the rate with which hair grows).
  • Sell them a bottle of blue, orange, purple or pink hair dye (the same colors as can be found as a result of defeating Goblins).
  • If Champion is addicted to Minotaur Cum, a special scene may happen (20% chance). After it, minotaur cum becomes available for sale for the "usual price" + 60 gems.
  • The Hero can also leave with no changes.


  • Giving a blowjob has various effects depending on which is chosen; for example, blowing the minotaur penis has a similar addictive effect to other encounters with minotaur cum. All four options raise corruption by various degrees.
  • It is not clear what kind of creature the "canine" is. It may be a hellhound or a dog-morph or just a regular dog (doubtful).
  • If Corrupt Jojo is at Camp, the Champion may take him and use his semen as payment.

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