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Sand Mother
Level 7
Hit Points 290
Gems Drop 55-69
Skills Giga Fire (120-150, then 40-50 damage)
Earth Shield (25% chance of deflecting physicals)
Sandstorm (25% chance of causing Blind status, 1-2 damage if it fails)
Lightning Bolt (30-39)
Whisper (causes Whispered status and increases lust by 15)
Telekinesis (((100 + Tallness * (0.5 + Thickness / 100)) / 170) * 20.)
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Sand Witch
Codex Sand Witch (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 8'6"
Build Statuesque
Eyes Glowing eyes with pupils and solid white and luminant irises.
Skin Bronzed
Hair Platinum Blonde, bleached so it's almost white.
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Four watermelon-sized breasts with 3' long nipples
Clothing Regal-looking robes
Weapon Coded as fists, actually uses a scepter...
Locations and More
Location(s) Desert Cave
Bad End Becoming a Sand Witch (2)
(females and genderless only)
Becoming a Cum Witch
(males and herm only)
Interaction Talk
Receive gifts
Free slaves
Disable / enable encounters in the Desert
The Sand Mother is the leader of the Sand Witches in the Desert Cave, the location of the Sand Witch's Dungeon quest.

When you first encounter her, you can choose to talk to her or fight her. If you are pure and choose to talk to her, you gain 200 XP which is far more than you can gain by fighting her. Losing to her in the fight leads to one of two Bad Ends: Becoming a Sand Witch (2) (females and genderless only) and Becoming a Cum Witch (males and herm only). Which one depends on your gender. Winning the battle and choosing to talk her down grants the pure route.


The Sand Mother is found in the northernmost room of the Sand Witch's Dungeon. You need to unlock the door leading north from the Cavernous Commons to reach her. When you meet her, she accuses you of being an agent of Lethice. Your choices are either to try to explain or to fight her.


You may try and explain your motives to the Sand Mother. Any of the following will brand you as one of Lethice's minions and trigger a fight, meaning the PC has to be genuinely pure to use this option.

Options after convincing her — both during the same encounter and later — are:

  • Ask her to tell the Sand Witches to stop attacking you in the Desert (afterwards you can ask her to tell them to start attacking you again, saying it'll be good exercise for both of you).
  • Ask her to bolster the number of cum witches and allow them to venture into the Desert. (Later you can ask her to keep them in.)
  • Get information about the Sand Witches.
  • Ask for a bottle of LaBova or Lactaid (she will only give you a total of five).
  • Ask her to free her slaves.
  • Have sex with her.

The Cum Witch will only give her blessings to a pure Champion who has talked to the Sand Mother or an impure Hero who has first fought the Sand Mother then talked her down.


The Sand Mother mainly deals lust damage. She has a number of tricks to block your physical attacks, making her a tricky opponent to beat. She isn't immune to Lust attack but you need a fairly high Tease level to succeed by such a strategy.

  • If you lose the fight, you get one of two Bad Ends. Which one depends on your gender.
  • If you win the fight, you can try to talk her down or you can rape her.
    • If you choose to talk to her, she will calm down and you get the same 200 XP and further interaction options. This is the only way to get the "pure" route for impure the Champion.
    • Raping her leads to far fewer possible interactions in the future. You can order her to tell the Sand Witches to stop attacking you in the Desert (and to start attacking you again if you like), you can order her to free Essrayle (but not the Bath Girl) and you can help yourself to her supplies of LaBova and Lactaid. This gives you an apparently unlimited supply of these two potions but you don't get the 200 XP from talking to her and you never get the chance of meeting Cum Witches in the Desert.

Recommended strategyEdit

How you choose to deal with the Sand Mother depends on your goals. Your options are:

  • Fight to lose
    • Some players may well regard being turned into a Sand Witch and adopted into the tribe is a good rather than a bad end. It is the end of the game though.
  • Fight and rape
    • Unlimited supplies of LaBova and Lactaid may seem tempting but realistically, by the time you're strong enough to stand a chance against the Sand Mother, you should have relatively easy access to those potions elsewhere — they're not really rare drops after all. The only reason why you'd want to fight and rape her is because you want to, which is fair enough.
  • Fight and talk
    • If your character meets at least one of the requirements to be considered as impure, this is highly recommended as talking her down instead of rape is the only way to be seen as friendly.
    • If your character already is pure, the extra XP and gems really aren't worth your time (and possibly the risk of a surprise defeat if you aren't prepared) and you should talk to her right away instead.
  • Just talk
    • This is probably the best option for the Champion that is available. They may not get unlimited LaBova and Lactaid supplies but combined with what they'll probably stumble across elsewhere, the five bottles should be more than enough to turn them completely into a cow-morph and increase your milk production enough to overload the breast milker at Whitney's Farm. The advantages of talking to her (or talking her down) are many:
      • 200 XP (a lot for anybody trying to level up).
      • The male and female fertility increasing perks offered by the Cum Witch afterwards.
      • The option to encounter, fight and have (cum-increasing) sex with Cum Witches in the Desert.
      • The option of recruiting the Bath Girl as a camp slave.