Sand Trap
Level 4
Hit Points ~170
Items Drop Trap Oil
Gender Hermadrophite
Species and Family
Species Sand Trap
Body Parts
Height < unknown >
Build Top half: human, beautiful,
and slender. Bottom half:
insect-like abdomen
Face Androgynous
Eyes Black, including sclera.
Torso human-like
Arms Has four thin arms
Legs < unknown >
Feet < unknown >
Skin Brown skin tone.
Abdomen insect-like
Sexual Make-Up
Vagina hidden vagina within
a genital slit
Threesome Naga if you are naga and
have met the desert
naga as a naga before.
Impregnate? Yes
Clothing Almost always concealed
at least partially by sand
Weapon Spits and secretes a
colorless oil that raises
Lust and relaxes muscles.
Locations and More
Location(s) Desert

Content Author: Nonesuch

Sand Trap found in the Desert has drawn victims into its pit, and continually spits an oil that raises Lust until they are overcome either by sand or Lust. Running away is possible if the Champion is at the top of the pit, or automatically successful if they have large wings. Can be defeated with either a single attack strong enough to completely deplete its HP, or repeated use of Tease skill and/or Arouse spells, so long as the user continues to climb between uses to stay out of reach. Be warned that if a melee attack is attempted against it, the Champion will automatically lose if the attack fails to defeat it so use the Bow or Whitefire to soften it up, or Might, Charge Weapon, or Berserk to boost the Hero's weapon's damage.

Ingame Description:
You are fighting the sandtrap. It sits half buried at the bottom of its huge conical pit, only its lean human anatomy on show, leering at you from beneath its shoulder length black hair with its six equally sable eyes. You cannot say whether its long, soft face with its pointed chin is very pretty or very handsome - every time the creature’s face moves, its gender seems to shift. Its lithe, brown flat-chested body supports four arms, long fingers playing with the rivulets of powder sand surrounding it. Beneath its belly you occasionally catch glimpses of its insect half: a massive sand-coloured abdomen which anchors it to the desert, with who knows what kind of anatomy.

The sand sinking beneath your feet has carried you almost halfway into the creature’s pit. You could try attacking it with your fists, but that will carry you straight to the bottom. Alternately, you could try to tease it or hit it at range, or wait and maintain your footing until you can clamber up higher.

Sexual BehaviorEdit

First uses oil to completely relax victims, then proceeds to gently but insistently mate with both its male and female organs. Plants its eggs in victims.

Sex scenesEdit


  • Use Your Cock: if has penis.
  • Ride Vaginally: if has vagina.
    • Lowers Sensitivity by 1.
  • Handjob: if has penis or vagina.
    • Lowers Sensitivity by 1.
  • Naga Threesome if Champion is a naga; have a penis or vagina; have encountered the desert naga at least once as a naga.
  • Lusty Titfuck: if Champion is wearing Lusty Maiden's Armor.


  • Male/Herm/Genderless Loss: if has penis or no genitals
  • Female Loss: if has vagina; no penis

Bad EndEdit

  • If Champion has lost twice in a row and has both sand trap eyes and wings will lead to a Bad End.


  • In Silly Mode, the Sand Trap is referred to as Sand Tarp.

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