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The Sand Trap is one of the many sapient species of Mareth.

A half human, half insect, the sand trap lives in the Desert and draws victims into its pit. Although capable of using a glamour to shift its facial features to appear either male or female, the sand trap is strictly speaking an all female race, and like most wild female species of Mareth reliant upon catching male creatures and forcibly breeding with them in order to reproduce. Similarly to driders, sand traps milk the semen of captured males, impregnate the eggs they carry with it and then deposit the fertilized eggs back into the victim's anal passage. Sand traps are apparently able to hold back some eggs fertilised by this process, allowing them to breed with penis-less victims also. They calm and relax victims with an oily substance they express from their mouth and black, ten-inch pseudo-penis.

Sand traps refer to their victims as "ants" and individuals that defeat them as "lions", a reference to the creature they analogue, the antlion. According to the sand traps themselves they have suffered heavily as a result of the demon incursion and were apparently more numerous in the past. They are capable of entirely entrancing sapients who become too much like them and spend too much time around them.

Fly TrapEdit

Sand trap young are winged pixie-like creatures known as "fly traps".

Sand Trap NPCsEdit

  • Unnamed Sand Trap — There seems to be just one you keep meeting all the time, but that is not confirmed.
  • Fly Traps — The Champion who loses a fight against a fly trap can become a host mother. Once born, the fly traps leaves and are never encountered again.

Becoming a Sand TrapEdit

It is not possible to transform completely into a sand trap but you can gain some sand trap traits — all of them by consuming Trap Oil:

  • Pitch black eyes
  • Dark vagina
  • Dark nipples
  • Giant dragonfly wings
  • "Trap" ball sacks

Bad end transformationEdit

In the Desztiny Bad End, the Champion is transformed into a fly trap. It is highly unlikely that you encounter this particular bad end by accident since you first have to beat the sand trap a number of times to gather trap oil to gain sand trap traits (including wings that'll make it easier to avoid the sand trap on later encounters). Then you have to lose three fights against her to trigger the bad end. Unless you are really careless, the only realistic way to reach the Desztiny bad end is to lose fights on purpose.

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