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Name: Sand Witch

Genders: Exclusively female.

Hair: Always sandy blond.

Eyes: The eye color of Sand Witches varies from witch to witch, but is most often brown.

Height: Sand Witches are typically five to six feet tall.

Appearance: Sand Witches normally dress in loose fitting robes and little else. They will sometimes wear well-made sandals, and a belt to carry a few simple supplies. They are all young, either they do not age or have found a way to hide its effects. Because of the coloration of their hair and robes, it is difficult to spot a Sand Witch until she is right next to you.

Sexual Equipment: Sand Witches ALWAYS have four heavily lactating breasts with large prominent nipples. Few creatures can rival their milk production, and those that do wind up captured by the Witches and taken to their remote desert hideouts. Somehow all Sand Witches always have multiple vaginas, though most of them only have two. Their methods for procreation and altering the number of vaginas are unknown.

Reproduction: Pregnant Sand Witches have never been seen. They have either discovered a perfect contraceptive or kept all the pregnant members of their cult in seclusion.

Social Structure: Sand Witches live in remote covens deep in the Desert. While the specifics of the living arrangements that far out are unknown, it is known that the covens tend to be comprised of at least 25 members, each lead by a leader with the title of 'Sand-Mother'. The cults are governed together by a council of the 7 Sand-Mothers with the largest covens.

Special Attributes: Sand Witches are adept users of black AND white magic, and will use the combination to arouse their foes into submission, and then alter them into a form more like their own. They are not necessarily hostile, and will treat any they encounter nicely if they allow the witch to work her magic on them.

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