Regarding Savin's Work
All future add-ons for Sanura have been shelved for the original game by Savin himself, plus any of the mods written since Fenoxo released the source. Savin, the only author of content for the original CoC who has complained to Kitteh and staff of the Revamp Mod, said he does not want any modifications to his work since no one will know what he had written or what was added on afterwards.

Do not make any requests dealing with the content on this page and all content on other projects done by Savin, whether it be to Savin, the original CoC staff, to the Revamp Mod development staff, or any other mods being worked on. The answer is going to be the same: No.

Content Author: Savin

Suddenly, a huge shadow looms over you, and the sound of beating wings echo from on high. You spin around in time to see a huge creature leap from the dune tops and slam into the ground a few feet away. At first glance, the creature looks like a tall, tanned woman with flowing black hair, adorned in a great wealth of gold and jewels. A moment later, though, you’re able to take in the full view of her form: from the waist down, her shapely human form morphs into the lower body of a great, golden-haired lion, padding on a quartet of powerful legs ending in sharp claws. From her leonine sides grow a pair of massive wings, easily over a dozen feet across, which quickly furl up against her body. She’s a sphinx!

The sphinx, Sanura, is padding around the stone doorframe. Occasionally she beats her leonine wings or gives a mighty yawn, obviously bored by a present lack of stimulation. Seeing you standing about, however, Sanura gives you a sultry come-hither look and a seductive wink. You’re not sure if she wants to tempt your mind or your body.

"Please, th-there’s no need for violence! I’ve no loyalty to these [sand] witches, they force me to guard the door. I’ve no desire to fight you; I’ll not stop you if you wish to enter the lair."
"Grinning lustily at the pretty leonine girl, you tell her it’s time to have some fun. With an easy grace, she slips the sky blue shift from her shoulders, exposing her pert, palmable breasts. “Well, you did win my game, after all... I’m yours to do with as you wish, my brilliant handsome friend.”"


Riddles (Spoilers) Edit

Upon meeting Sanura, she will proposed a Riddle Game as a test for the champion to enter the Desert Cave. The three riddles are selected randomly from the list below:

Riddle Answer
Whoever makes me, sells me. He who buys me, never uses me. And he who uses me, well, they’ll never know it. What am I? A Coffin
You’ve heard me before, and will again, till fast I die - then you’ll but summon me again. What am I? An Echo
A box without hinges, lock or key, yet I’ve golden treasure within me. What am I? Eggs
Each morning I appear to lie at your feet; all day I’ll follow you no matter how fast you run, yet I’ll nearly perish in the midday sun. What am I? A Shadow
My life lasts but hours, and in service I’m devoured. Thin, I am quick, fat I am slow, and wind is ever my foe. What am I? A candle
When young, I am sweet in the sun; in middle age, I make you gay; but when I’m old, I’m more valuable than gold. What am I? Wine
Three lives have I, gentle enough to sooth the skin, light enough to caress the sky, or hard enough to shatter stone. What am I Water
One by one we fall from the heavens, down into the depths of the past; our world is ever upturned, so that yet some time will last. What are we? Sand
I always run, yet never walk; I murmur often, yet never talk; and I’ve a bed, yet never sleep. What am I? A River
I walk on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening. What am I? A Man
I’m always hungry, and must be fed always, lest I flicker away. Yet I will always bite the hand that feeds me, if it touches me. What am I? Fire

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