Level 14
Hit Points 490
Strength 75
Toughness 70
Speed 110
Intelligence 70
Libido 60
Sensitivity 35
Corruption 45
Lust 20
Vulnerability* 0.3
Gems Drop 43
Gender Male
Species and Family
Species Faun
Breed Satyr
Codex Satyr (Codex)
Body Parts
Height 6'3"
Build Muscular
Face Human
Ears Elven
Torso Human
Taur? Yes, goat-like
Legs Goat-like, has fur
Feet Cloven hooves
Skin Tan
Hair 7" brown
Fur Brown, coarse, bristly
Horns Curling, goat-like
Tail Goat
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Flats
Testes 2, size 2
Pregnant? No
Impregnate? Yes
Weapon Fists (0 attack)
Armor Thick fur (0 defense)
Locations and More
Location(s) Plains
Interaction Fight
Drink With

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Satyrs are a highly corrupt, all-male species with the lower body and horns of a goat. Due to their corruption, satyrs are incredibly primitive and only seem to be concerned about drinking or sex. Unlike most species, satyrs are able to impregnate anything they happen to have sex with as a result of them using black magic to make them unworldly virile. This can result in a male champion becoming butt pregnant with a satyr. It is unknown how this works on an anatomical level.

Satyrs were previously known as Faun. However, due to the Fauns' open nature about sex, they were easily overwhelmed by the corruption. The spike in the imp population is a result of this. The females of the species were weakened due to the constant birthing and eventually died out, leaving only lust-crazed males.

The satyr is not a difficult opponent in battle for a high-level champion or one with the Resolute perk, but all else should be cautious due to the satyr's ability to stun them. The stuns can happen multiple times and close together, rendering the champion helpless for large bulks of time. It may be wiser to simply flee until they are more fit for fighting satyrs.

As you wander through the woods, you find yourself straying into yet another corrupt glade. However, this time the perverse grove isn’t unoccupied; loud bleatings and brayings of pleasure split the air, and as you push past a bush covered in dripping, glans-shaped berries, you spot the source.

A humanoid figure with a set of goat-like horns and legs — a satyr — is currently buried balls-deep in one of the vagina-flowers that scatter the grove, whooping in delight as he hungrily pounds into its ravenously sucking depths. He stops on occasion to turn and take a slobbering suckle from a nearby breast-like growth; evidently, he doesn’t care that he’s stuck there until the flower’s done with him.

You can see his goat tail flitting happily above his tight, squeezable asscheeks, the loincloth discarded beside him failing to obscure his black cherry, ripe for the picking.

Encountering Edit

Forest and Deepwoods Edit

A non-hostile satyr can be encountered in either the forest or the deepwoods. He is taking advantage of the sexual-organ-like foliage there, having sex with one of the vagina-shaped flowers and occasionally sucking on a nearby breast-like growth. If the champion has a cock, they note that they could take advantage of his distraction if they wanted. Otherwise, they leave, seeing no point in sticking around.

If they choose to leave, they get disgusted at the thoughts Mareth seems to put into their head and leave without a word. They gain at least +1 to their lust.

If they choose to take advantage of the satyr's situation, it will lead to a scene where they have anal sex with him. They continually slap his butt during it, causing him to buck his hips and do most of the work. The satyr lets out bleats of alarm at this, to which the champion grows annoyed at and forces him to suck on one of the breast-like growths. They soon get off and sit back to recover

The champion decides to watch for a while, enjoying the fact that they have someone at their mercy. They also occasionally slap the satyr's butt in encouragement. After a bit of watching, they grow aroused again, and have the option to have sex again or leave.

If they choose to leave, they decide that they've had their fun and leave before they end up fooling around in the forest all day.

If they have sex again, they will have oral sex with the satyr. They also learn that the sap from the breast-like growth contains a powerful aphrodisiac, as they're exposed to it from the satyr's mouth. They shortly after ejaculate, and the satyr follows, filling the flower to a near spherical point and sitting down when he's released. The champion leaves, feeling as though they might have overdone it, and with a +3 to their libido.

Plains Edit

Hostile Edit

When encountering a hostile satyr, the champion will hear curses and lewd words. A satyr then emerges from the grass. When he sees the champion, he lets out an excited bleat and charges at them, erection poised to have sex with them.

From the waist up, your opponent is perfectly human, save his curling, goat-like horns and his pointed, elven ears. His muscular chest is bare and glistening with sweat, while his coarsely rugged, masculine features are contorted into an expression of savage lust. Looking at his waist, you notice he has a bit of a potbelly, no doubt the fruits of heavy drinking, judging by the almost overwhelming smell of booze and sex that emanates from him. Further down you see his legs are the coarse, bristly-furred legs of a bipedal goat, cloven hooves pawing the ground impatiently, sizable manhood swaying freely in the breeze.

The satyr only has one damaging attack, which is to charge at the champion with his horns. He also has two lust attacks, which are to belch the air of his aphrodisiac-laced alcohol at the champion or to start masturbating in front of them.

Non-Hostile Edit

A non-hostile satyr can be encountered by exploring the Plains, but only if the champion isn't pregnant. The champion will strange music and be given the option to investigate. If they choose to investigate, they search for the source of the music, leading to a small circle of trampled-down grass where a satyr is playing music surrounded by food and drink.

After noticing the champion, the satyr will offer you food and drink. The champion takes a drink, but notices that the drink contains some sort of aphrodisiac.

If the champion chooses to Keep Drinking, then the champion will continue to eat and drink until they pass out, leading the satyr to rape the champion while they are unconscious.

If the champion chooses Trick Him (requires 60+ Intelligence), then the champion will pretend to start drinking again, while pouring out the drink when the satyr is distracted. The champion will repeat the process until the satyr passes out.

If the champion chooses Skip Foreplay (requires 60+ libido), then the champion informs the satyr that they know where this is going and that they might as well skip to the good part, leading to a sex scene.

If the champion chooses Drink&Sex (requires 33+ lust), then the champion drinks more wine and tells the satyr that he wants to have sex with him, leading to a sex scene. It will be vaginal if they have a vagina and the champion becomes pregnant with a satyr as a result.. Otherwise, it is anal.

If the player chooses Leave, then there is a 50% chance they must battle the satyr.

Sex Scenes Edit

Win Edit

  • Fuck His Butt: Requires a cock that fits in him.
  • Ride Face: Requires a vagina.
  • Bikini Titfuck: Requires DD-cup or higher breasts and the Lusty Maiden's Armor.

Lose Edit

  • Rape Vaginal: Requires a vagina. Results in champion getting pregnant.
  • Rape Anal: Requires no vagina. Results in champion getting pregnant.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason satyrs can't produce females, even though their genetics suggest they should be able to, is because of the highly corrupt magic in their semen. Their offspring are near identical clones of their fathers, as stated in the satyr's codex.
    • However, the codex states that those with a womb will be impregnated as normal, implying that the circumstances in anal pregnancy that create the near identical clones don't apply. As it's unspecified if they do apply or not, though, it's impossible to say either way.
  • The coding for the satyr NPC states that satyrs should be in the swamp as well as the plains, both immediately attacking or playing music. It is unknown why they are not in the swamp.
    • There are phoukas in the bog, which can transform into goats and have lots of liqueur. However, as this isn't always guaranteed, it's the bog over the swamp, and the encounters aren't in the same manner as satyrs, it can't be said if they replace satyrs or not.
  • Satyrs and goblins often interact due to a mutual lust and the goblins' willingness despite satyr's volatile nature. The satyrs would simply submit to slavery to them, if not for the fact that goblins can't produce them any sons. This is an interesting note, as one would assume the satyr's incredibly virility would override a goblin's genetics.

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