For other uses, see Scarred Blade and Scarred Blade (Weapon).

Scarred Blade
Level 17
Hit Points 650
Strength 80
Toughness 100
Speed 75
Intelligence 50
Libido 0
Sensitivity 0
Corruption 100
Lust 0
Vulnerability* 100
Variant Scarred Blade (Weapon)
Scarred Blade (Monster)
Broken Scarred Blade
Species and Family
Species Weapon
Breed Saber
Family Sheila
Body Parts
Height 3'0"
Build Sharp
Weapon Scarred Blade +50atk
Armor Lethicite +15def
Locations and More
Bad End Scarred Blade
Interaction Fight

Content Author: Zeikfried

The Scarred Blade is a highly corrupt weapon that can only be wielded by the corrupt, and gives them great power. Likewise, it rejects the pure. If the champion's corruption falls below 70, the sword will attempt to leave them. The champion can then fight it and attempt to break it so that they can still use it.

Scarred Blade
The sword you're fighting is a no ordinary sword. It's a lethicite-infused metal curved saber etched with scars. It seems to eagerly seek flesh.

Combat Edit

Upon having 69 or less corruption, the Scarred Blade will automatically attempt to leave the champion. The champion can choose to abandon it, which will allow them to recollect the sword once their corruption is higher, or to fight it.

The Scarred Blade is a difficult opponent for an unprepared champion. While it's merely a sword and can only slash its opponents, it has an extremely powerful regular attack. It also has a high toughness and HP that makes it a rather tank-y opponent as well. It's impervious to all Lust-based attacks given that it's a sword and incapable of lusting after anything. (It should noted that if you have the female version of Exgartuan, she is capable of arousing the Scarred Blade and will thereupon inflict 5 points of lust dmg. Wether male Exgartuan is capable of inflicting lust dmg to the Scarred Blade, needs to be confirmed.)


Blind, stunning attacks, fear attacks, and magic spells against the Scarred Blade are effective (confirmed).

The best way to fight the Scarred Blade is to consciously decide to and prepare beforehand. It's an easy battle for champions with several perks that boost attack power and defense, but those who are Level 1 or have stats that aren't to their maximum should tread cautiously. Bringing a weapon to replace the Scarred Blade and strong armor are highly suggested.

Beating the Scarred Blade always produces the Broken Scarred Blade. As the Broken Scarred Blade is significantly weaker than the Scarred Blade, fighting and breaking the sword is only recommended for those who are trying to form collections. It's generally not considered worth the trouble otherwise.

Bad Ends Edit

Main article: Bad End#Scarred Blade

If the champion loses to the Scarred Blade, it will turn on them and kill them. If Marble is a follower, she will yell, "No!" just before the champion dies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Scarred Blade's "skin" is described as "metallic". No color is provided.
  • If Silly Mode is on, the bad end will also include a line that says "[DATA EXPUNGED]". Contrary to what this would imply, the game data is safe so long as the game isn't on Extreme difficulty.
  • If the Scarred Blade is defeated by lust, the same defeat text, as in if the Scarred Blade was defeated in a conventional way, will appear.
Weapons are equippable items used to boost attack, among other effects.
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Large Claymore Large Hammer Lethice's Whip Lethicite Staff Lust Dagger
Mace Midnight Rapier Pipe Pitchfork Raphael's Rapier
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Succubi Whip Ugly Sword Urta's Halberd Wizard's Staff
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