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Sean is a highly unusual demon that appears at the entrance to the Deep Cave after the Champion has dealt with Zetaz, no matter what they did to him. Sean is apparently something of an anomaly in the demon ranks, and is implied to be an outcast or a renegade; while still liking sex, he is not fixated on it like other demons, even preferring to wear an impeccably modest three-piece suit to going around naked, and happy to talk peacefully. If given the option to stay in the cave, he will establish a comfortable lair for himself at the entrance and sell a number of items to the Hero.

The items Sean sells are Numb Rocks for 45 gems, Sensitivity Drafts for 45 gems, Reducto for 90 gems, and a Succubi Whip for 1200 gems.

If the Champion brings five bottles of Bimbo Champagne, Sean can distill them into one dose of Bimbo Liqueur. This costs 500 gems, and requires the Hero to come back one day later to receive the finished product.

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