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Secretarial Succubus
Hit Points ~230
Body Parts
Skin blue skin
Hair flowing blond hair
Horns nubs of horns on her forehead, grow to foot long when in combat
Tail spaded tail
Clothing tiny vest that barely contains her jiggling breasts, short skirt, and sheer stockings
Weapon whip
Locations and More
Occupation air-headed secretarial ditz
The Secretarial Succubus is a succubus secretary that works at the Demon Factory. While she is supposed to be working at the reception room, when the Champion encounters her, she is taking a coffee break in the lounge room. As busty as one would expect of a succubus, she has blue skin, the nubs of horns on her forehead (which are described as being a foot long when in combat with her), flowing blond hair, and a spaded tail. Dressed in a tiny vest that barely contains her jiggling breasts, short skirt, and sheer stockings, she looks every bit an air-headed secretarial ditz.

The Secretarial Succubus will, when she sees the Champion, immediately try and ask them to come along quietly, so they can be installed with "all the others". The Champion can either ask why, agree (automatic submission), or immediately attack the Secretarial Succubus.

If they ask why, she explains that this factory takes captured humans, mutates them and then harvests their tainted sexual fluids to expedite the process of corrupting other areas. The Champion can respond that this sounds sick (triggers a fight) or sounds neat (triggers surrender).

If the Champion has morphed their body to the extent that their description proclaims they "gave up their humanity", then the succubus does not recognize them as the escaped Champion and asks them to return if they have information on where to find the Champion. The Champion can either taunt the succubus that she's talking to the Champion, or quietly withdraw.

The Secretarial Succubus fights by slapping the Champion and sprouting a whip-like tentacle from her palm and using it to lash them, as well as by kissing the Hero (does no damage, but causes bits of their soul to leak out if the Secretarial Succubus is subsequently wounded, which arouses the victim and seems to heal her) and performing sexual gestures to arouse the Champion. She has an estimated hit point total of 230.

If the Champion is male and defeats the succubus, she will turn into a female version of the Champion if they choose to rape her. This will also transform the Hero's penis (or one of them, if they have multiples) into a demonic penis.

If the Champion is female, they will scissor with the succubus instead. If they are lactating, though, they have the choice to either scissor her or make her suckle from them. If they have acquired the Deluxe Dildo from Tamani, they can elect to rape her with it.

Herms will randomly rape the succubus as either males or females.

If the Champion defeats the succubus, she drops the Iron Key needed to access the rest of the Demon Factory. If they submit to her, or are defeated by her, it triggers one of two Bad Ends.

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