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Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Shark-morph
Body Parts
Height 5' 5"
Build slender w/ swimming muscles
Face pretty, Shark-like
Teeth Retractable, shark-like
Eyes striking shade of red
Torso human-like
Arms human-like
Hands human-like
Legs human-like
Feet human-like
Skin shiny grey
Hair shoulder length silver
Fin shark-like
Tail shark-like
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts C-cup
Pregnant? Yes
Clothing revealing black bikini
Weapon teeth, tail and their bare hands
Locations and More
Location(s) Boat
Bad End Shark Breeder
Interaction Fight

While rowing the boat across the lake you spy a shark fin heading your way. Worried it might damage the small boat, you hastily row back to shore, jumping out of the boat. The shark shows no signs of slowing, and the fin disappears just before coming ashore. A grey blur bursts from the water and lands on the ground a few feet away from you.

It’s a woman — a peculiarly corrupted woman, with shiny grey skin, silver hair, and a fin positioned between her shoulder blades. She’s wearing some rather revealing black swimwear. The girl looks up at you and grins widely, showing rows of knife-like teeth. “Wanna play? Heads up though, I play 'rough'!

The shark girl stands just over 5’5", with grey skin shimmering from water droplets catching the sunlight and slender muscles built for swimming. Her shoulder-length silver hair brushes past her pretty face and her eyes are a striking shade of red. She has rows of intimidating sharp teeth glinting in the light. A fish-like tail protrudes from her backside, wrapping around her toned legs at every opportunity. She’s wearing a rather skimpy black bikini, strings done in such a way that they move around her fin; though the swimwear itself barely covers her perky breasts and tight snatch.

Sex optionsEdit

  • Shark-girl:
  • Use Dick
    • Lowers Sensitivity by 1 and increases Corruption by 1
  • Pussy with 69

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