Shark-morph Score
Transformative: Shark Tooth
If you have Add
Shark-like face 1
Dorsal fin 1
Shark-like tail 1
Shark skin 1

Content Author: Jokester

The Shark-morph is an anthropomorphic shark, one of the many sapient species of Mareth. Since most shark-morphs seen are female, they are thought of primarily as a female-only race, which is not the case, though their species is usually referred to as shark-girls. Males are rare and very reclusive. The shark-morph is described in an official codex which also describes the primarily hermaphroditic tigershark-morph.

"Wanna play? Heads up though, I play 'rough'!"

Shark-morph NPCsEdit

  • Jasun — An antisocial male shark-morph found at the Gym.
  • Shark-girl — A slutty swimsuit-wearing sexual predator that is found at the Lake while rowing the Boat.
  • Shark-girl Daughters — If the Champion's been too busy beating and raping shark-girls, they may eventually encounter their offspring.

Becoming a shark-morphEdit

To be classified as a shark-morph you need to have a shark score of 3 or more. The shark score takes precedence over most other transformative scores. The only scores with a higher priority are the goo score, the kangaroo score, the spider score, the harpy score and the bunny score.

Bad End transformationEdit

In the Shark Breeder Bad End you are transformed into a male shark-morph and become a bestial breeding machine for the shark-girls.

Amily's Description
"Shark Girls? Near as I can tell, they used to be a village of humans who lived right here on the lake... then the lake got polluted, and turned them all into... well, what they are now."

You ask her if she has any advice on fighting them.

"I'm afraid not. They don't come to the shore too often, never mind too far out of the lake. They're probably resistant to pain and have a really wicked bite, though," she tells you.

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